Avoid These 20 Resume Mistakes in your Resume/ CV

Unconsciously we commit some resume mistakes examples that may act as blunders in our career. Most employers have zero tolerance for resume mistakes as these depict careless attitude.

People write strange things on their resume. Some go above and beyond to portray that they are the best suitable match for certain position. This ends up in the HR laughing at their resume and tossing it over to the heap of rejected ones.

resume mistakes that make employers laugh

Funny Resume Mistakes

You must read these and avoid them as far as possible in your resume. Read on to see the funny resume mistakes examples that employers have come across and had them literally rolling around laughing. Here are 20 mistakes that are really funny as reported by recruiters.

  1. Typos- Over and over we tell you to check your resume before sending it to recruiters. These examples are taken from real CV situations and they are far too easy to do!
    • For instance- “I like cooking Italians”. Now, are you really cooking Italian people?
    • “I am fluent in Spinach and English”. Well, how can a person be fluent in veggies? If you know, do share.
  2. Dramatized Objectives- All of us like to boast about why we would be good at a job. But going over and beyond is just so funny. For instance, this guy-
    • ” I wish to play a major role in watching a company advance. – Well, buddy, you won’t actually contribute to it yourself, right?
  3. Highlighting Your Shortcomings- Well everybody has certain flaws and you need not be so true. These are really funny mistakes. For instance-
    • “I don’t mind admitting that I am very bad about time. Sticking to time doesn’t make sense to me. What matters is that I complete the job. “
  4. Funny Emails- This is very common. Most of us tend to forget that emails are also read. For instance- emails like-
    • “coolgirl@gmail.com”
    • “nefarious_dude@yahoo.in”
    • “sizzling_lisa@yahoo.in”
  5. Trying to Be hilarious- Now some of our friends try to be funny as if there is some comedy show going on.
    • “NO references as all burned up in fire”
    • Reference- “Who can tell you about me better than me”
  6. Funny Photographs- Now even if you are doing this intentionally it is not at all likable and will never win you an interview.
funny photo

Some more funny resume mistakes examples-

7. “Seeking a party-time assistant position with scope for advancement.” Well, are you out for some fun time.

8. “Participated in the foamation of a new graphics company.” Is this some kind of soap advertisement.

9. “Revolved customer queries and problems.” No recruiter is looking for such a candidate.

10. Accomplishments: “Nominated for the contest of prom queen” Now if this is your greatest achievement, it is really funny.

11. “Bilingual in four languages”

12. “Responsibilities and deadlines make me nervous.” Well, if that is the case who would hire you.

13. “Often I procrastinate – usually when the task is unpleasant.”

14. Use of cartoons in resume.

15. Horrible Hobbies Section- Some people add all sorts of weird hobbies such as-

  • Eyebrow tweezing
  • Donated my hair to charity
  • Cooking pastas

16. “Marijuana Dealer From 1998 to 2001”

17. Personal Information- “Acquired HIV”

18. “I wish to apply for the replacement of your deceased manager”

19. Leaving Sections unwritten and not deleting them.

20. “Please realize that I am not a braggart, I just wish to outline my usefulness. Egos are a huge liability, and I try not to have one.”

Words To Avoid In Resume

Choosing overused business jargon may weaken your resume. Employers prefer seeing the plain, clear language that explains how you have accomplished effectively in the past. Here are some examples of business lingo that you must not include in your resume:

  • Bottom Line
  • Buy-in
  • Ecosystem
  • Move the needle
  • Core competency
  • Synergy
  • Thought leadership
  • Value add
  • Wheelhouse

Self-promotion phrases and words- It is always good to showcase your skills and abilities on your resume. However, broad terms and phrases to explain your value can be ineffective. For instance, a term like “self-starter”, is a generality. It doesn’t specifically explain how you might be valuable to the position you are applying for.

Some more words that account to resume mistake examples are-

  • Go-getter
  • Think outside of the box
  • Go to person
  • Value Add
  • Bottom line
  • Hard Worker
  • Self-motivated
  • Best of Breed

So, next time when you are writing your resume, leave out these words. Rather focus on using words that add to your personality and accomplishments.

Best 5 Resume Format Without Error

Here are the five best resume format without any error. Review these and try creating an error-free resume. You can also make use of templates and formats from your site for the best results.

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For more such creative resume formats, visit resumefotmatdownload.com.

Good Resume Words To Describe Yourself

Here are the top 20 words that create a very positive impression of the job seeker/applicant. So, do not forget to toss a few of these into your resume.

  1. creative
  2. Able
  3. energetic
  4. experienced
  5. dependable
  6. flexible
  7. achieved
  8. improved
  9. innovative
  10. imaginative
  11. motivated
  12. organised
  13. reliable
  14. managed
  15. competed
  16. delivered
  17. participated
  18. supervised
  19. consistent
  20. inspirational

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So, these were a few tips on things that you can include or that you can avoid in your resume. Do follow these pieces of advice. Stay connected with us to get more tips on resume writing.

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