50+ Top Resume Management Skills

Are you planning to apply for a manager’s position? Do you have all the required management skills to manage a company? What managerial skills does a recruiter look for in an ideal applicant?

management skills

A managers position is different from those below its position. It leaves one frustrated when they are supposed to deal with all new problems, managerial problems, that were earlier not a part of their duties.
Management is not a simple task. The knowledge and experience required for this job are specific. To ensure this, there exists a hierarchy, an organizational structure. Only specific knowledge, experience, and skills enable an individual to move from the bottom to the middle and finally the top level of the management pyramid.

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Here is all that you would like to know about management skills. Also, check out what skills you need to be a good manager and our examples for the best skills to include in your resume.

What are Management Skills?

Management skills are a set of abilities and knowledge in an individual at a management position to effectively carry out some specific management activities or tasks. This knowledge /ability can be practiced and learned over the years. These skills enable a manager to relate to his/her fellow colleagues. Moreover, the art of dealing with subordinates is also learned through managerial skills. Thus, they ensure a smooth flow of activities in any organization.

Furthermore, the skills can also be acquired through practical implementation of certain tasks. So, no worries!

You can develop each skill through learning and hands-on experience. An ideal manager is the one who possesses good management skills and is thus able to propel the company’s vision and mission forward with fewer hurdles and objections. Check out the management skills list for resume.

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Types of Management Skills

According to Robert Katz, an American social and organizational psychologist, there are basically 3 management skills. These include:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conceptual Skills
  • Technical Skills

Pro-Tip- To create an ideal manager’s resume, ensure that you add at least one skills from each of the basic types.

Here we have taken the opportunity to explain each of three basic types. Also, examples of each have been mentioned below. Choose the most relevant skills and incorporate in your resume.

These skills when rightly included in your resume, enhance its power. Thus you multiply the chances of your selection.

Interpersonal Skills

The word ‘interpersonal’ means “relating to relationships or communication between people.”

Therefore, human or interpersonal management skills mean a manager’s knowledge and ability to work with people. Of all the management tasks, this is one of the most challenging ones. Working with people of varied mental compatibilities, nature, understanding, lifestyle, etc is critical.

So, these skills enable managers to become leaders that can motivate employees for greater accomplishments. Moreover, these skills foster much more effective use of their own potentials. These are essential at all the hierarchy levels.

Interpersonal Management Skills List for Resume
Self-confidenceRelationship Management
Postive Reception to feedbackWork Ethic
FlexibilityPositive Attitude
Public speakingNonverbal Communication

Interpersonal management skills are essential for all hierarchical levels in the company. So, make sure that you add a few to your resume. Relevant ones!

Conceptual Skills

Conceptual skills reflect the knowledge or ability of a manager for abstract thinking. This implies that he can foresee things through proper analysis and diagnosis of different states. Thus, these skills enable them to predict the future of the business or department and act accordingly. When they strike a plan, they weigh the pros and cons, using conceptual skills. If there emerges any problem, managers may come up with creative ideas.

These skills are vital for top managers. The managers lower in position still have time to acquire conceptual skills.

Some essential conceptual skills for a manager’s resume are-

Analytical ThinkingCreative Thinking
Communication SkillsProblem-Solving
Decision-Making SkillsCognitive Skills
Leadership SkillsAction planning
Artificial IntelligenceReasoning
Conflict ManagementInductive Reasoning

Technical Skills

These are certain hard skills. As the name suggests, Technical skills include skills that give the managers the ability /knowledge to employ varied techniques to achieve their objectives. These skills incorporate operating machines and software, production tools, and equipment-handling expertise. Furthermore, skills required to boost sales, design and various products and services, fall into this category. These skills play a major role in boosting sales, designing different types of products and services, and marketing them as well. In today’s fast-paced world, we must match our pace.

Technical skills are extremely essential for first-level managers. So, if you are a fresher or an entry-level candidate, addition of technical skills to your resume has great benefits.

Given below are some top technical skills for a manager’s resume-

Microsoft OfficeEmail Management
Information ManagementData Entry
Digital CalendarsInstant Messaging
Cloud Backup Software (Dropbox Pro, Carbonite, etc.)Social Media Management
Website analyticsWeb designing
Graphic DesigningSoftware Programming
Programming Languages-Java, C++Photoshop
QuickBooksTechnical Writing
SmartSheet softwareWrike Software

Add the most relevant skills to your resume. If you have queries, check our samples for a better understanding.

How Do You Develop Management Skills?

Acquiring management skills is no more a problem. Some interpersonal management skills are inbuilt. They are a part of your personality. These others can be acquired very easily.

Technical Skills can be learned through practice. Join programs, courses, and institutions, to develop the required technical skill.

For other skills, you must first outline your goals. Now, keeping these in mind, determine where you need improvement. Work on them. Furthermore, you can opt for leadership courses. Volunteer at organizations. These help you develop skills.

Reading management books open up your mind to newer perspectives. They help you immensely. Work on being a good listener, leader, problem-solver. Moving with people while maintaining your etiquettes, communication both verbal and non-verbal helps develop great management skills.

So, leave no stoned unturned. Incorporate the right skills in yourself and of course your resume. You are surely going to win any management job that you apply for.

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