Top 3 Banquet Sales Manager Resume Examples

Are you looking for a banquet sales manager resume? Discover the top 3 resume formats that are ideal for a banquet manager. Also, check out the banquet sales manager job description below.

banquet sales manager resume

Banquet Sales Manager Resume Samples

Here we bring to you top 3 banquet sales manager resume examples. Review them for a clearer understanding of what all is required in your resume. You can download these samples for free. Simply click on the download button to download the Docx version ( MS Word and Google Docs compatible).

banquet sales manager resume

Cover letter Samples

Banquet Sales Manager Job Description Examples

A Banquet Sales Manager works in hotels and handles operations in banquet rooms. He/she performs the following duties-
-allocate budgets
-To ensure high quality of service
-settle weekly schedules
-maintain records
-greet guests
-train staff
-Order supplies.

Now that you have an idea of the basic duties, review some banquet sales manager job description examples.

Example 1

ABC Hotel, City. 20XX-20YY
-Managed a staff of 25 employees supervising the events from set up to breakdown.
-Regulated day to day operations of the banquet facility. Booked and confirmed a broad range of events up to 250 people, both corporate and social events.
-Negotiated sales minimums as well as menu pricing reducing the overall cost by 27% while guaranteeing quality.
-Up sold menu items in order to maximize revenues while providing an exceptional experience to our guests.
-Trained 5 interns on all the aspects that ensured a smooth functioning.

Example- 2

XYZ Hotel, City. 20XX-20YY
-Being an excellent communicator effectively communicated and worked closely with Banquet, Culinary and other operational departments to ensure smooth execution of all events and increased the overall customer satisfaction by 20%.
-Raised visibility and generated over $100,000 per month in sales.
-Efficiently executed banquet contracts, secured deposits and structured pricing for an event that ultimately resulted in better outcome and 35% profit.
-Constructed menus, selected drinks, developed floor plans and arranged guest site inspections.
-Launched a new ‘wedding fashion show’ for promoton of social business, ensured press coverage that attracted attendance by top people in California.
-Conducted meetings with the executive chef and ensured that
the hotel complies with food safety regulations and laws.

Skills For Banquet Sales Manager Resume

There are a number of skills that must be incorporated in your resume. Here is a list of some good skills for a banquet sales manager-

Food management ExpertiseProblem-solving skills
leadershipCustomer service
MultitaskingAnalytical skills
Time managementTeamwork
Active listeningCollaboration
Reasoning AbilitiesFamiliarity with accounting
Adept in database and MS OfficeAbility to work unconventional hours

To excel in the job position, you must have the following two qualities-

1.Develop excellent people skills. 

A banquet manager has to deal with a variety of people. From customers to workers you must be flexible with all. Customer satisfaction and employee performance are two challenging tasks.
If you take courses in human resources, communications or public speaking it is certainly beneficial. They can improve customer service and employee relations skills, potentially making a candidate more attractive to employers.

2. Develop familiarity with programs and systems. 

The hospitality sector, as well as food service management positions, require the use of computer systems. So, you must be well adept in the commonly used software programs. A person who is comfortable with technology typically used in the field has a good way to gain an advantage in the job market.

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Qualifications Required for a Banquet Sales Manager

It is not compulsory to have a degree. However, having a degree can advance opportunities.


The most eligible candidates for this job have a degree in hotel management, food service management, hospitality management or related field. A two-year diploma course in the above-mentioned fields or a 4-year degree is helpful.

Training Certification

Also, training in hotel management software is appreciated.

The courses generally cover business and technical topics in the hospitality field. For instance- marketing, research, revenues, expenses, financial analysis, and law. Therefore, having one certainly has a lot of perks.


A number of non-profit organizations such as The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation offer voluntary certifications for food service workers, including food service managers. You can go for these. These add power to your resume. Moreover, they add to your experience. Employers consider volunteer experiences equal to or above work experience. They may consider it above because it shows your quality to serve the community without personal financial profit.

Action Verbs For a Banquet Management Position

Using resume strong action verbs has a lot of perks.
-Firstly, it adds a confident tone to your resume.
-They provide instant information that the employers are hunting for.
Using industry-specific action verbs show that you sincerely tailored your resume. This is really impressive for potential employers.

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Here are some strong action verbs that you can include in your banquet sales manager resume.


Incorporate these strong action verbs in your resume summary, job descriptions, core competencies. These catch attention and keep the reader hooked to your resume.

Lastly, you must not forget to optimize your resume for ATS. Applicant Tracking Systems are very popular these days. You can learn all about ATS formatting by clicking on the link below.

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However, we have a few key points of ATS formatting here-

-Use keywords from the job posting in your resume.
-Add action words.
-Be specific. Do not be vague or general.
-Stick to the three standard resume formats.
-Be consistent in your formatting.
-Avoid too many graphics or pictures.
-It is better to submit files in Doc or Docx format.

So, follow the tips above. Create resumes that stand out from the crowd. If you have any queries, comment below. Our experts will give you the best possible suggestions for banquet sales manager resume writing.

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