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A Java Developer’s main job is to create and test computer programs using the programming language called Java. Developed at Sun Microsystems, Java powers a variety of programs, ranging from online games to business applications. So, a java developer is in demand. To apply and win a job, you must have an outshining Java Developer Resume.

java developer resume

Java Developer Resume Pdf and Docx.

Here we bring to you best 3 Java developer resume download samples. You can download these for free! Moreover, you can use these as java developer resume template and customize them.

1.Java developer resume 5 years experience

Best 3 Java Developer Resume Pdf 1

2. Java developer resume 1 years’ experience

3. Java Developer Resume fresher

Resume Templates

How to make your Java Developer Resume outshine?

Writing a perfect resume is challenging. However, when you are with us here, you need not worry. Al the complications and problems have a solution here.

We bring you the most amazing ways to make your resume outshine, clear any ATS, and win you your dream job interview.

So, let’s do this resume writing step by step.

1. Choose the Best Resume Format

Which resume is the best choice for any kind of Java developer resume?

The reverse-chronological resume format.

The main reason is that focuses the recruiter’s attention on your work history, achievements, and relevant skills.

Moreover, your Java developer resume will appear as a clear, concise, and successfully pleasing.

However, if you are a career changer or a fresher, you might consider a combination resume format.

When you are writing your resume always remember:

  • to add enough white space.
  • A clear resume font and style.
  • Write simple headings and use simple bullets.

If your company prefers PDF File then save your document as the pdf file type. Else a Doc. or Docx. version is better.

It is a common belief that Pdf is the best version while this is not so true. A number of ATS get confused while scanning Pdf.

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2. Make Your First Impression with Eye-catching Summary

The way your Java developer resume begins sets the tone for everything that follows. Therefore, an opening paragraph that is dull and vague will ruin the effect. You definitely don’t want this. You want your resume to outshine. How do you do that?

Here are simple steps for resume summary which when followed add glam to your resume.

-Begin with strong character traits.
-Give an overview of education, and academic achievements.
-Address the company you are applying for.
-State confidently what you can offer.
-Lastly, mention a few biggest achievements.

All the while using strong resume action verbs really helps. Add keywords from the job listing. Quantify wherever possible. This help makes your resume stand out.

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Java Developer Resume Summary Example

A skilled and dedicated computer science graduate from ABC (GPA 3.9). Eager to join XYZ Company as a junior Java developer to effectively design game-changing e-commerce solutions. With an award-winning record of 3-month Java development internship experience at XXX.

3. A well-crafted Experience Section

Well, this section is really important. Beginning with freshers and entry-level candidates. You have a lot to add. Do not think that you lack experience, so will have to skip this section.

Here are things to add-

1. Internships.

The strength of every resume depends on its experience section. Although internships don’t get you the money. But they get something that is much more valuable- real-life experience. And employers pay attention to this. So, do not miss the chance. Add internship on the front. Do not hide them somewhere towards the bottom.

2. Freelancing or volunteering

When you are good at java developing, do not go unnoticed. Help others who have no idea about computer programming. Trust me, there are many. So, when you have some free time, do some freelancing jobs online. Now, you can add these to your junior Java developer resume experience section. Not all, but your most prominent successes.

A professionally experienced person has a lot to write. Here again, you must be choosy. Do not stack everything on your resume. Be selective. Write your greatest accomplishments under every job position you have held.

Use bullet points. Add resume strong action verbs. Quantify.

4. A blend of Soft and Hard Skills

Skills section helps make your resume outshine. Some skills required in a java developer are-

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical skills
  • Organization
  • Technical documentation preparation (PRD, FRD, UIRD, TRD, SRS, SDD)
  • Testing skills
  • Teamwork

There are a lot more skills.

Technical skills are a must on your resume. These should be included in a separate section on a developer’s resume.

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Moreover, soft skills and hard skills can be incorporated in the resume summary as well as the work experience section.

Here are a few technical skills for a java developer resume.

1. Java Keywords
2. Abstract Classes and Interfaces
3. Access specifiers
4. Constructors
5. JVM and Memory Management
6. SQL Queries
7. Synchronization
8. Generics
9. HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery
10. Web Frameworks (Struts, Hibernate, Wicket, etc.)
11. XML and JSON
12. Service-Oriented Architecture

5. Finalizing and Proofreading

Finalize your document. Rename the template(If you have chosen one) with your name. Save doc/Docx as well as pdf version.

Ask friends and colleagues to scan your resume for errors. At times you may miss out on any error but others catch them. Typos, spelling and grammatical errors lower your impression. Thoroughly check for them. Also, ensure that your resume is ATS compatible.

To create an ATS compatible resume, follow the steps below-

-Avoid header and footers.
-Avoid fancy fonts and bullets.
-Reduce the number of images, graphics, and charts.
-Add resume keywords from the job posting.
-Save your file as a Doc or Doc file.
-Be simple and precise.
-Most importantly, be relevant.

To discover more about ATS formatting in details, click on the link below.

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Follow the tips nag guidelines. Use our free sample java developer resume template. Customize and send it out to your potential employers. Land your dream job.

Do share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you. Our team wishes you all the best for your java developer job interview.

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