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Cook your best resume. One of the most important factors in getting great jobs is your Resume. To create a job-winning commis chef resume, you can use the commis chef resume example we have included below.

Read on and discover what goes into a resume, from the Professional Summary to the Skills section.

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To make things, even more, easier for you, we’ve included some expert commis chef resume writing tips. These resources will help you be more confident in your resume document.

Commis Chef Resume Sample

The following resume sample for commis chef can be used as inspiration while writing your document. You can also download it for free by clicking on the download button.

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Resume for Commis Chef In Simple Text

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Dedicated commis chef with excellent knife skills and understanding of safety in professional kitchen environments. Sound knowledge of basic and advanced cooking techniques. Strong ability to learn new recipes and preparations quickly. Understand well flavor profiles and pairings. Seeking to leverage my active listening and advanced interpersonal communication skills while collaborating with the ABC restaurant team.
Commis Chef
MNC Restaurant / October 2018 – Present
-Work in all areas of the restaurant under the supervision of the head chef.        
-Actively learn new skills and make for an excellent addition to the kitchen team.        
-Expertise in menu-creation. Assist the head chef in brainstorming new menu items based on patron preferences and in-season ingredients.

Pastry Intern
Barista / October 2018 – Present
-Assisted in preparation of frostings, doughs, fillings, glazes and other components of dishes in pastry department.
-Maintained food quality and safety within a busy environment.
-Strong customer service skills- assessing customer needs, evaluating customer satisfaction, adhering to quality standards, and making the proper adjustments or corrections.
-Excellent active listening skills and problem-solving ability. Ensure complete attention to head chef even during busy times.
-Demonstrated service orientation.
– Solid background in organizing other wait staff and hosts, to ensure a smooth flow of service.
Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts
Albany, NY. – 2019

State Food Handler Card Certification Online

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Who Is A Commis Chef?

Commis Chefs are entry-level cooks. Most of them have just graduated from culinary schools

In a restaurant/hotel/any eatery their job duties include-

-preparing food
-assisting senior chefs
-carrying out preparations. This may including chopping, doughs, etc.
-communicating with the other members of the kitchen staff.

For this you require the following essential Commis Chef Key Skills-

-cooking skills
-the willingness to acquire new skills.

In a nutshell, the work to gain cooking and kitchen experience, develop skills while moving from one kitchen station to another.

How To Make Your Commis Chef Resume Stand Out?

Here we have some importants points to consider while writing your commis chef resume. So, read on and make your resume outshine in the crowd of competitors.

1. Highlight Commis Chef Key Skills

For any entry-level candidate, the skills are really important. These strongly prove you apt for the position. So, make sure you add some best Commis Chef Key Skills.

Here, we have listed some skills for-

  • Knife skills
  • Culinary skills
  • Multitasking
  • Ensuring a clean and organized work station.
  • Expertise in cuisines
  • Purchasing
  • Food preparation
  • Foodservice experience
  • Budgeting
  • Cost control
  • Teamwork ability
  • Communication skills
  • Ensuring safety in professional kitchen environment.
  • Advanced Cooking Techniques
  • Quick-learning
  • Active listening
  • Collaboration

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How to Add Chef Skills To Resume?

Your commis chef key skills can be added to-

The Skills section
Resume Summary/ Objective
Experience Section- Job Description

So, weave your skills through out the body of your resume. Most importantly, check out the job advertisement for the position you are applying. You will find some skills listed there as well. Try to add these to your resume-the same terms. They act as resume keywords.

2. Create A Stellar Commis Chef Resume Objective

When you begin your resume with a strong, well-wriiten resume objective statement, it hooks the reader.

So, follow the tips below and grab the recruiter’s attention.

-Begin with your strongest trait.
-State your experience. As an entry-level candidate you may state internship experience.
-Quantify your accomplishments.
-Use action-driven language. Avoid personal pronouns.
-Emphasize your culinary skills and teamwork abilities.
-Focus on how you will prove to be an asset for their organization.
-Add a few resume keywords just like seasoning to your resume. Keywords optimize your resume for ATS.

3. Add Relevant Education & Certifications

Don’t forget to include your relevant education.

Having a background in the culinary arts is a gem on entry-level chef resume. Moreover, when you have a degree from a respected institution it is sure to be impressive to potential employers and portray you are serious about your career as a chef.

So, basically, you include-
-Year of completion
-GPA if it is outshining

You may also add any leadership experience or some extra-curricular activity that relates to your profession.

Certifications are another eye-catching cherries on your resume. If you have any, highlight it. Give priority to your education section, do not hide it away towards the end.

4. Break Your Experience into Quantified Bullet Points

Do list any culinary internships you have had. These show how you have advanced in duties and responsibility from one position to the next.

Make sure you use bullet points to list the job description. Use short action-oriented statements.

Try to focus more on your accomplishmnets and positive feedbacks that you received in course of your prior experiences.

Quantify. Afd numbers, percentages, statistics wherever possible.

5. Attach A Customized Commis Chef Cover Letter

Adding a targeted cover letter to your application, enhances the effect. It conveys the message that you took pains to create the resume specially for them. This establishes the professionalism air which works wonders for you.

So, follow the above guidelines while creating your stellar commis chef resume and win your dream job.

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