Best Real Estate Agent Resume

Being a real estate agent, you must be skilled at selling a property. But do you know how to write a real estate agent resume that will sell you just as well as you sell the property?

Real estate agent resume writing

Here below you will find the ideal resume for a real estate agent as well as expert writing tips. You can use the free downloadable real estate resume example.

Real Estate Agent Resume Example

The following resume sample –

-Follows the reverse chronological resume format.
-Is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced candidates.
-Highlights the various skills that are essential for a real estate agent.

Best Real Estate Agent Resume 1
Best Real Estate Agent Resume 2

Cover Letter Template
Here is a real estate agent cover letter template. You can download it for free. With this, you need not worry about the content or formatting. Everything has been laid down for you. All you have to do is add your personal details.
Cover letters are a perfect place to state things that you could not due to lack of space in your resume.

Tips for Writing A Real Estate Agent Resume

Buying and selling homes can be extremely stressful. This gets a lot easier when you come across a good estate agent. People depend on the experience and expertise of realtor to make the process smooth.

A successful agent has to be adept in a variety of skills. For instance-

  • Expertise in generating leads. This is done through several marketing campaigns, phone calls, email, and online ads.
  • Good communication skills help in negotiating deals between buyers and sellers.
  • The ability to resolve conflicts
  • Holding open houses as well as escorting potential buyers to properties that match their needs.
  • Drafting documents like lease agreements, contracts, and deeds.
  • Awareness and up-to-date knowledge of the local and national real estate market trends

1. How to Write Resume Summary That Hooks the Reader

Every real estate broker knows why you want a job. So, real estate agent resume objective is a waste of space. As an objective mainly focuses on your goals. What they do not know is why they should take you.

So, using a resume summary or a professional profile instead of a real estate agent resume objective is a great way to quickly convince a potential employer why they should invest more time into reading your resume.

-In the very first statement of the career summary, you need to deliver the most important facts. This includes whether you are licensed and your years of experience.
-You can also mention the type of real estate sales you’re most familiar with.
-Furthermore, you may add some information about something you do extremely well.
-Some additional complementary skills, achievements or awards are great to mention in a resume summary.
-Use some hard numbers to really showcase yourself.

Moreover, make your job hunt less time consuming by tailoring it. If you want a residential real estate sales position, do not spend time applying to an industrial leasing agent position.

Tip- You resume strong action verbs throughout your document. It adds a confident tone.

2. Action Verbs for a Real Estate Agent Resume

Here is a list of action verbs that can be added to your resume-

  • Examine
  • Accompany
  • Advise
  • Interview
  • Generate
  • Prepare
  • Promoted
  • Conduct
  • Close
  • Introduce
  • Draft
  • Negotiate
  • Maintain
  • Sell
  • Evaluate
  • Promoted

Check here for a longer list of action verbs that has everything you need >>>> 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

3. Real Estate Agent Resume Job Description

A real estate agent works just like a salesperson. The art of making deals is the most important key. The best way to do this is with real numbers.

Avoid fancy statements. You need to be straightforward. Any raw data that proves the applicant can sell houses is appreciated. For instance, when you state how many properties you could close in a year you give the employer an idea about the scale of your ability.

Furthermore, the use of numbers to show that you weren’t only completing transactions, but also maximizing earnings on each sale is great on resumes.

Review the sample resume above for a clearer understanding.

Next, you can outshine in the crowd of competitors by including any training, mentoring, or leadership roles. These give an altogether new edge to your resume.

Always remember that in the world of real estate, numbers mean almost everything. So, instead of convincing the employers that you’re great at your job with buzzwords and adjectives, opt for numbers. This shows them that you know how to make money.

4. Highlight Your Top Real Estate Resume Skills

A real estate agent resume no experience is challenging to write. In such a case, the skills section really helps. Read on to discover how you can craft a perfect skills section.

-You can mention the license details such as when and where you earned it.
-Don’t forget to mention any related clubs that you’re a member of.
-Association with NGOs is really impressive.
-Do add some soft skills as well.
-You can also add other relevant skills. For instance- computer applications you’re proficient in.

A large part of a real estate agent’s time is spent in front of a computer. There are a number of tasks that seek technical skills. For instance- doing research, marketing, communicating with buyers and sellers. So, do mention your computer skills.

Here are some more skills that real estate agents should demonstrate on their resume:

Ability to negotiateInterpersonal skills
Math skillsTrustworthy
Efficient in the use of marketing techniquesExpert customer service skills
Knowledge of lawsResourceful

5. Attach A Tailored Cover Letter

A cover letter is not just about repeating your resume. In fact, here you highlight those additional details that you were unable to squeeze onto the single-page resume.

So, you can be more detailed. Here you can make use of full sentences instead of points and bullets. Thus, you assure the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit for the company.

Use the sample cover letter above. For more tips on writing a cover letter, click here.

Follow the tips. Use the free downloadable resume sample. Create a resume that makes you stand out!

We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview!

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