Best 10+ Resume Format In Word

resume format in word free download

Our free examples of resume format in Word below are designed by resume experts to help you prepare a professional resume using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs.
These professional, elegant, modern, as well as classic resume templates, can be downloaded for free. Moreover, these are easy to work with.

Explore the creativity that can be accessed through MS Word. Use our resume formats for inspiration. Do not miss out our resume tips below.

Latest Resume Format In Word Free Download

Check out the best resume for format in Word. Here you will come across simple as well as modern resume samples that are perfect for both experienced and freshers. You can download these by clicking on the download button for free.

Classic Resume Format

The following resume is simple and elegant. This classic resume format can be used in all types of industries. Those who wish to keep things simple, clean and decent can opt for this template.

Resume sample for pediatrician
Resume sample for a pediatrician

Resume Template Word High School

This resume format in Word is for High school students with little or no experience. So, if you are a high school student looking for a job, choose this resume template. Customize it. Send to your potential employers.

High school student resume
High school student resume format

Resume Format In Word For Freshers

Given below are some best resume formats for fresher candidates. Check out how to put your details, how to begin, what all to add in the experience section.

Resume Format for Fresher Job
Fresher Resume Format In Word

Resume Format in Word with Photo

Some More Resume Format In Word

Here are some resume templates for various job positions. However, if you like the design, you can download the resume template and simply change the details within sections.

How To Use These Resume Formats in Word?

Follow the list of steps below to access and customize the above resume formats in Word.

  • First of all, click on the download button to download the file on your device. The file will get downloaded for free.
  • Open the file. It will open with MS Word.
  • Now you can easily modify the details to suit your position and job. Add your personal information.
  • If something strange happens when you make a change, immediately press Ctrl+z (undo) to cancel the automated formatting.
  • You can also modify the style to change the fonts, colors, size, etc.
  • Follow the tips below while customizing your resume.
  • Lastly, do not forget to change the name of the file. Rename the file with your full name.

Quick Tips To Write A Perfect Resume in Word

Want to make your resume outshine in the crowd of competitors? Here are some tips below from experts that will make your application eye-catching and will land more interviews.

1. Begin With An Eye-Catching Resume Introduction

A resume introduction maybe :
Resume Objective Statement
Resume Summary
Headline/ Title

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Whatever introduction you opt for, ensure that you customize it for the position and organization you are applying for. Avoid vague and general beginnings as they fail to hook the reader.

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2. Highlight Your Most Relevant Skills

Your skills are really important for your resume. Make sure that you add the skills that suit your industry and position. Adding your singing skills on a law form resume makes no sense. Rather it ruins your impact.

Follow the link to get the best skills to put on your resume.

Also, check out some more industry-specific skills on

3. Create A Quantified Work Experience Section

Your experience section is never missed by recruiters. In fact, these are specially scanned by every recruiter. Therefore, you must add your best experiences in the best possible way.

One of the most tested tricks is to add your best achievements and quantify them. Add percentages, numbers, metrics, ranges to your resume. These enhance the impact of your resume ten folds.

So, follow the above tips. Use our free downloadable resume format in Word and brace yourself for the interview round.

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