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A school principal is a reputable position. So, ensure that your resume reflects your prestigious position and power. Be creative yet professional. Here is the best school principal resume doc file. You can download it for free!

school principal resume doc

How to Write A School Principal’s Resume?

Here are some best guidelines from experts to create a perfect resume. Leave no stone unturned. Land your dream job. Scroll down and discover the secrets.

1. How to Create A Stellar Resume Start?

Begins with the name and title of the position. Right below this, you add a strong resume summary/ objective. These days objective statements are considered outdated. So, it is better to go for a professional resume summary. Your summary must provide a premium overview of your best skills and top abilities as a school principal. For instance-

Dedicated school principal with 15 years of experience as a school principal seeking a Principal position with XYZ School to take successfully implement my knowledge of child psychology, creative problem-solving abilities, and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Proven record as a disciplinarian as well as school’s overall progress.

In this sample, the candidate has effectively described what he can do. Now, the reader will want to read on to discover more about his experience and skills.

It is essential to use school leadership keywords. Also, incorporate keywords from the job posting. This will make your resume ATS compatible. Add administrative buzzwords like budgeting and forecasting, training and development, etc that grab the reader’s attention. Review the sample below for a clearer understanding.

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2. Resume Experience Section and Education Section

These two sections are important on your school principal resume. In the sample below, education has been placed front. The main reason behind is that recruiters really wish to know that what qualification does a candidate possess who will be heading an educational institute. Moreover, it is essential to have a Master’s Degree if you are a school administrator.

Pro-Tip– You may skip the years of education if you do not wish to bring attention to your age.

Coming to professional experience. Your current position comes first. This must be followed by a couple of bullet points. Here you highlight your accomplishments. Avoid stating duties. Accomplishments are more impressive.

Furthermore, the way to make your resume stand out is by adding accomplishments that are quantified. This makes them all the more impressive. Be specific. Be consistent and precise. Do not be vague.

Review Albus’ professional school principal experience to get a clearer understanding.

There are a number of things that can be included in this section. For instance-

  • If you initiated and established new management systems for a school.
  • When you created and implemented any school programs that improved the school.
  • Your specialized expertise in school management.
  • Any advanced education that you pursued to keep up with the current and new changes in school administration.

Ensure that you use strong action verbs all through your resume. These add power to your resume. Moreover, they make your tone confident.

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3. Principal Resume Skills Section

This section again is very important. Relevant skills add life to your resume.

Your skills section should be a combination of technical, soft, and hard skills. A resume that has a perfect blend of all three, is definitely eye-catching.

Add skills in bullet points so that they catch attention. Moreover, you can also incorporate them in your resume summary, experience section, leadership section. Check out the School Principal Resume Doc for example.

Use keywords. Add buzzwords. Be relevant.

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4. Leadership Experiences in a Resume

Important leadership accomplishments in the list help resume stand out from the crowd. Albus’ resume has some great accomplishments listed that any school would be excited about.

What you have accomplished in the past demonstrates your core leadership competencies.

Have you ever participated in seminars, training, or workshops related to your position? If you have, do mention in your resume.

5. Proofread

Make sure that your resume is proofread. Scan the document thoroughly for typos and grammatical errors. Customize. Add keywords. Finally, upload a Doc. or Docx. version. These are most ATS-friendly.

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School Principal Resume Doc Sample

When you possess all the qualifications for a school principal waste no time. Review the best resume sample for a school principal. You can also download the word file. The link to the School Principal Resume Doc version is also available below.

This resume will give you an idea of what all sections can be included in a principal’s resume. Moreover, what all has to be included in these sections is also important.

School Principal Resume Doc Sample

Click Here- School Principal Resume Doc

To download the word file, click on the download button below.

It is better to submit a School principal resume Doc version or Docx version. These are better than pdf files. As they are preferred by ATS.

School Principal Resume Doc- Simple Text Format




Dedicated school principal with 15 years of experience as a school principal seeking a Principal position with XYZ School to take successfully implement my knowledge of child psychology, creative problem-solving abilities, and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Proven record as a disciplinarian as well as school’s overall progress.



School Principal • Emma Thompson High School, NY.

  • Increased students’ attendance by 15% through strict rules.
  • Enhanced students’ reading skills by 20% by incorporating a separate reading period.
  • Strengthened students’ oratory skills by encouraging active participation in extracurricular activities. 

Head of the Science Department • Emma Thompson High School, NY.

High School Teacher- Biology • Hudson High School, NY


1998-1995 Ph.D., Albany University, NY. (Comparative Psychology/ Zoology)
1993-1995M.S California State University, California (Biotechnology)
1990-1993B.S. California State University, California (Biotechnology)


-Budgeting and forecasting
-Training and development programs
-Parental and community involvement.
-Adept in MS Office package.
-Instructional ProgrammingImplementation of educational plans


Presided and Hosted the Principals’ Summit, NY for 3 consecutive years. (2014-2016).
As a president of the Rotary Club, conduct inauguration as well as thanking note for all programs. 


President of the Rotary Club, NY. (Since June 2015)
Treasurer of S.M Society, NY.
Active Member of the M.S Committee, NY.


[Available upon request.]

Download and customize the free school principal resume doc file. Do share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you. For more resume samples, templates and formats, stay connected to

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