Best Vocalist Resume Sample & Tips

Singers Profile is yet anther tricky document when it comes to writing. An ideal vocalist resume showcases your experience, skills, and abilities. The audience may include producers, club/lounge owners, casting directors. Now, the most challenging part is how to present your singing talent on a piece of paper?

singer resume writing

Here we bring to you the best ideas on writing a vocalist resume. So, waste no time. Grab the best pieces of advice and create an ideal resume. Also, check out the Vocalist resume sample below.

Vocalist Resume Example

Given below is a vocalist resume sample. You can also use it as a free downloadable vocalist resume template. Just replace the statements with your personal details. You will not have to worry about resume formatting and other details.

Best Vocalist Resume Sample & Tips 1

Simple Text Version- Vocalist Resume Example


Phone Number
Link of YouTube channel

Passionate Vocalist with a major in music. Possess 3+ years of experience in working and performing with various music ensembles in the US and abroad. Dedicated singer with a passion to work in a band and contribute my proven skills.

Lead Singer, Zero Tolerance Band, NY. 
From 2017 -Present
-Wrote lyrics and melody and recorded 3 original songs.     
-Performed at the Great Annual Fest, NY.        
-Composed and played violin in the band as well.

-Actively participated in inter-school and state level singing competitions ever since the age of 12.
-Created a YouTube channel and the ‘Power of Dreams’ cover gained 2M views.

-Baltimore Music Club Competition, first prize winner and recitalist
-J.C. Award, Peabody Institute
-Vancouver Academy of Music’s Young Artists Chamber Music Competition, second prize.

Broad rhythmic and metric range
Music Composer
Excellent Songwriter
Perfect Pitch
Quick Learning and Memorization
Possess Classical training

Bachelor of Arts: Orchestral Strings
ABC University, Albany, NY.
Coursework in Vocal Techniques and Musical


-An active member of The Homeless Children Welfare since 2016
-Teach violin to school students in music classes in my free time.

Tips For Writing A Vocalist Resume

Here are some best tips on how to write your vocalist resume. Follow these to create an outshining resume.

1. Add more to the Contact section

Usually, a contact section consists of the following-

Contact Number

However, when you are writing a singers profile, you can add more to it. For instance, you can add links to your social media where you have uploaded some of your excellent performances.

In the resume sample above, the candidate has provided lik to her youtube channel. Any hiring manager would love to check out some of your singing work before finalizing on you.

Moreover, an entry-level singer resume which has less of experience must go in for this. But make sure that the social media account that you link to has some of your best works. Takedown anything that may be unimpressive.

2. Begin With A Tailored Resume Summary

Tailor your resume summary to the job you are applying for. Your resume summary is the first thing a recruiter reads on your resume. A vocalist must add skills and best of accomplishments to the resume summary.

Use action-driven language. Add keywords from the job advertisement. This also optimizes your resume for ATS.

Ensure that it compels the reader to read further.

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3. Vocalist Resume Job Description

  • As a singer, you need to summarize some of your top skills and/or notable singing qualities in bullet points.
  • Include your actual singing experiences.
  • You may include the songs you performed, where you performed them and the year of your performance.
  • Moreover, you can also mention the response with a few statistics.
  • Try to fit in your best accomplishments.

Check out the experience section of the candidate in the resume sample above for a clearer understanding.

4. Highlight Relevant Education and Certification

A degree or coursework in music is a big bonus and enhances the power of your resume. Make sure that you highlight it well on your resume.

So, add an “Education” section to your resume. Here you can list the colleges you attended and the degrees you received.

Do indicate your vocal training. Furthermore, including the name of your vocal coach and the years you trained are also impressive on a singers profile.

5. Top Skills for Vocalist Resume

Skills are a must on your resume. A vocalist resume must have a variety of soft and hard skills.

For instance, some soft skills are-

  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Teamwork Ability
  • Quick learning and memorization
  • Leadership qualities
  • Adaptability
  • Perseverance
  • Self confidence

You must add a few skills relevant to the singing industry-

  • Songwriting
  • Orchestration
  • Broad rhythmic and metric range
  • Language skills
  • Song composing
  • Playing Instruments

Technical skills such as software knowledge for sound mixing are also appreciated.

6. Add some extra section

In addition to the regular sections, you can add some additional sections. These help in making your resume stand out.

For instance, the candidate in the resume sample above has added-

Volunteer experience
Other activities
Additional Information

These sections are great when you wish to give your document a different touch and catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Lastly, add a cover letter to your application. Do not miss out ATS formatting.

Do follow the tips above and use our free downloadable vocalist resume sample for reference. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.

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