10+ Chef Resume Objective Statements

Chef Resume objective examples

Writing a chef resume? Check out the best chef resume objective statements below. Use them in your resume to hook the reader and win the job of your dreams.

The success of a restaurant largely depends on its Chef. What to select and put on the menu? How to present the food? The efficiency of kitchen service, the dining experience, there are a number of responsibilities.
So, when you want to apply for a new job, we’ll inspire you with our chef resume objective examples. Objectives are beginnings. Ensure that you hook your reader with the most impressive beginnings.

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Best Chef Resume Objective Examples

In the following guide, you will come across the chef resume objective statements for various chef positions.

  • Head chef objective statement / Executive chef resume objective
  • Sous Chef objective/ Assistant Chef
  • Private/ Personal Chef objective
  • Chef de partie resume objective / Station Chef/ Senior Chef
  • Pastry chef resume objective
  • Commis Chef objective statement

Head Chef Resume Objective Statement /
Executive Chef Resume Objective

Head chefs are highly skilled professionals. They cook and oversees the operations of a restaurant or dining facility. They hold the responsibility of what food comes out of a kitchen, from conception to execution.
While some may follow the hierarchy and reach this position, college programs in the culinary arts are widely available.

Check out some best head chef resume objective examples.

1.” Seeking a Head Chef position with Ivy Restaurants. Bringing a strong background culinary and foodservice standards in busy kitchens, along with a great ability to manage kitchen budgets in a profound manner. Recreated menu that led to a 125% increase in sales revenue in my current job. Looking forward to leveraging my skills and bring about high customer satisfaction.

2. “Dedicated head chef with 6 + years of experience in southern cuisine. Efficiently handle dining and banquet services upto 150 tables while supervising staff to perform to the best of their abilities. Seeking a reputable position with ABC hotel”

Sous Chef Resume Objective/ Assistant Chef

SousChef de Cuisine is a chef who ranks second in command in a kitchen. So, after the executive chef, the sous chef has many responsibilities. Eventually, a sous chef can lead to promotion to becoming the Executive Chef.

3. “Hard-working sous chef with 5 years’ experience in the industry and a background in varied restaurants, including seafood, Italian, vegetarian/vegan, and French. Dedicated to maintaining hygiene by using only the fresh and finest ingredients while delivering fantastic and satisfying dishes. A proven record of working on a team, ordering supplies and keeping well-organized records to ensure arrangements. Seeking a position that allows me to work my way up to head chef. “

4. “Passionate chef with a broad background in varied culinary styles and positions. Exceptional leadership skills with interpersonal skills that ensure timely delivery of orders in a 100 seater restaurant.

Private/ Personal Chef Resume Objective

A private or personal chef is the one who is hired by different clients. He basically prepares meals in the clients’ home kitchens, keeping their needs and preferences into account.

5. ” Seeking a Personal Chef position with ABC where my exceptional culinary knowledge and skills will be an asset. A proven record of working in large scale food service operations. Profound knowledge of varied food ingredients, hygiene maintenance, and opposite combinations. “

6. “Bringing 4 years’ experience of working as a Personal chef with complete knowledge and certificate in the safe handling of food while keeping food areas sanitized. Exceptional ability to create cuisines as diet plans recommended by doctors. Looking forward to leveraging my knowledge and skills at ABC.”

7. “Experienced and talented personal chef with a wide range of cuisine specialties. Dedicated to creating innovative food presentations that received high appreciation from clients. Seeking a position with ABC to utilize my culinary experience and skills.

Chef de partie Resume Objective /
Station Chef/ Senior Chef

A chef de partie, also known as a station chef or line cook is a chef in charge of a particular area of production in a restaurant. When working in large kitchens, each chef de partie might have several assistant chefs /cooks. However, in most kitchens, the chef de partie is the only worker in the department.

8. “Chef de partie with 4+ years of experience in southern and middle eastern cuisines. Adept in creating sauces, salads, and seafood. Dedicated to coming up with new recipes and creative presentation ideas. Demonstrated skills in reducing cost and food waste. Recipient of commendations and positive feedback from patrons”

Pastry Chef Resume Objective

A pastry chef is a station chef in a professional kitchen. He is skilled in making pastries, desserts, loaves of bread, and other baked goods.

Check out some best pastry chef resume objectives here.

9. “Seeking an Executive Pastry Chef position to leverage my excellent culinary skills in order to provide exceptional services. Possess strong experience working in a 5-star hotel as Pastry Cook. Profound knowledge in managing pastry baking operations.

10. “Creative pastry chef with 3+ years’ experience in preparation of an extensive assortment of American and European cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, muffins, and specialties.”

Commis Chef Resume Objective

Commis Chefs are entry-level cooks. Most of them have just graduated from culinary schools

11. ” Dedicated commis chef with excellent knife skills and understanding of safety in professional kitchen environments. Sound knowledge of basic and advanced cooking techniques. Strong ability to learn new recipes and preparations quickly. Understand well flavor profiles and pairings. Seeking to leverage my active listening and advanced interpersonal communication skills while collaborating with the ABC restaurant team.

Tips To Make Your Chef Resume Objective Stand Out

Here we bring to you some best tips to create an outshining resume objective. So, follow these and land more interviews.

1. Create “Made To Order” Resume Objective

Being a chef, you skillfully create dishes that are unique. This is what attract customers. Diners know they cannot find the same experience anywhere else.

In a very similar way, treat your resume objective. Personalize it.

This means that you must ensure that you create a targeted chef resume objective for the restaurant/eatery you are applying for.

For instance-
-you can use the name of the eatery. By this, you are making it clear that the resume is for the company.
-Add the skills and qualifications that they have mentioned in the job advertisement. This will optimize your resume for ATS as well.
-You can also cite some of your creations that are in line with what the restaurant serves.

2. Add Skills and Quantified Accomplishments

Do not miss out on your best skills of chef resume. Add both hard and soft skills.

Furthermore, begin by stating your years of experience. Use numbers.

Also, use numbers and statistics to describe your greatest accomplishment in the chef resume objective.

However, be as precise as possible. Use phrases. Action-oriented language helps. Add a few chefs resume keywords.

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