10 Common Interview Questions And Thier Best Replies

Is your most awaited interview turning you restless? If you find yourself clueless about where to begin and how to prepare, read on.
Interviews have always been nerve-racking. Here we bring to you the most common interview questions and their best replies.

interview questions and answers

So, lessen your worries. Relieve yourself as we tell you here what you are likely to be asked in your interview. These interview questions and answers for freshers as well as for professionals are of great help.

Of course, you need not learn these replies by heart for each interview question. Going through these will give you an idea plus make you comfortable with what you might come across. Moreover, this will provide you a glimpse of what hiring managers are really looking for in your responses.

Common Interview Questions And Answers

Read on for some common interview questions along with the best possible answers that will help you in your interviews.

1. Tell us something about yourself

“So, tell us about yourself.”

This is a very simple question and also one of the most common interview questions. But at the same time, it can often leave you clueless about where to begin. A number of questions pop-up in your mind.

What exactly, should you share? What details you must give in and what not so that you appear the perfect fit for the job?

Remember that here you do not have to read out your resume. Neither you have to summarize your entire life history.

The employer has presented you with a perfect opportunity to make an impression. You can impress using your confidence and grab the position.

Firstly, focus on what skills you have in the present. Then what you have gained from what past experiences and finally how you will be of great help to this organization.

For instance- “Well, I am currently working as a branch manager at XYZ bank and I deal with our top clients. Prior to this, I was at ABC firm, doing projects and meeting hundred percent of my deadlines. I won 99% of client satisfaction and do have an A’ Employee Award to my credit. I am really excited about this role as a “position you are applying for” as this will surely enhance my efficiencies.”

2. How did you discover this position?

Being honest is the best way.

If you found this job through a friend, say that. There is nothing to hide in that case.

Simply tell the hiring manager that you were excited to find this position mention by your friend who is in the XXX department.

However, if there is some other case then also be true to this question. Answer the question thoroughly and quickly. Try to avoid boring details about where you found it.

3. What makes you interested in this position?

Every company seeks a candidate who is passionate about his/her jobs.

Firstly, this question requires a very smart answer. Secondly, you get a chance to praise the company. Utilize the opportunity. Tell that you are well aware of them.

For instance-

“This is an impressive company as it possesses a great team.” “Your employees voted you the best place to work in the city. I know you are looking for a competent branch manager good at client dealing. At ABC (your previous firm), I did that efficiently, better than the previous assistant by targeting complaints and escalating larger issues.”

So, basically, you need to express your excitement for the company and position. Put across your skills and experiences beautifully. Moreover, convince them that you will prove to be a gem for them.

4. What are your professional strengths?

This again is one of the most asked interview questions for a job.

Just be accurate. Do not brag or lie. Share your true strengths.

Most of the candidates fall into the trap of listing out what they think the interviewer wants to hear. Do not do that.

Be relevant.

For instance, state your strengths that are most inclined to this particular position and most importantly, present them in a professional manner.

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5. Tell me about your weaknesses?

This question is an attempt to scale your self-awareness and honesty. However, this doesn’t mean that you ill outrightly list down all your shortcomings.

Neither you can come up with statements like I am perfect and have no weakness at all.

Learn the skill to strike a balance. State something that you are working on in order to improve.

For example, you were not very comfortable at addressing a crowd or public-speaking, but recently you volunteered to run meetings and presentations.

6. Why did you quit your last job?

This can be a tough one. Also, it is one of the most common interview questions.

The best trick is to keep things positive. You must keep in mind that by being negative about your past employers you ruin your image. So, smartly frame your answer.

Ensure that it reflects that this job is what you are eager about. What new opportunities it has to offer. Or that it is a better fit for you than in your last position.

You can state facts like:
-you were eager to work for a company that strongly aims at mentoring executives.
-that you believe that a strong sense of loyalty on both sides fosters career development and growth.
– Or that you wanted to advance your professional career in the management field (the position that you are applying for).

7. Why is there a gap in your career?

Do not let this question put down your confidence.

In case you were unemployed for that period of time, be to the point.

However, at the same time don’t miss out mentioning how you made the best out of this available time.

You can talk about the activities and classes you were a part of. Then coming to the present make positive assertions.

For example, you can say that you had to take a break at that time because of……, but today you are all set to contribute to this organization to the fullest (followed by your aims for this firm that you are applying for).

8. How would your boss and colleagues describe you?

Here again, you need to be honest. Your hiring manager can call your former bosses or co-workers.

Moreover, this is yet another opportunity to put across your strengths and traits.

Talk about the ones that you haven’t discussed previously.

Like your strong work ethic, flexibility, teamwork, willingness, that you love to volunteer things as well as your skill to maintain healthy relations.

9. Why Should We Hire You?

So, here you have to craft an answer that covers three things:
-that you can not only complete the work, but you can also deliver great results
-that you’ll really fit in with the team and culture
-lastly, that you’d be a better hire than any of the other candidates.

10. Where do you see yourself in the upcoming 10 years?

Be specific about your future goals.

The interviewer would like to know if you possess a set of realistic expectations for your career and your ambition.

Lastly, he will also be judging if this position aligns with your goals. So, you must mention how this position will play an important role in helping you reach your destination.

These were a few common interview questions and answers. For more ideas and job resumes stay connected to resumeformatdownload.com

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