Best Customer Service Representative Resume

What all to include in a customer service representative resume? What are the top customer service resume skills? Which sections should be a part of the entry-level customer service resume?

Best Customer Service Representative Resume

Answers to all your queries are available here. Scroll down to discover all that you wanted to know about customer service representative resume.

Customer Service Representative Resume Example

The job outlook for customer service representatives is growing at a steady pace. So, you must know that to beat out the competition and bag the job of your dreams, you need a customer service representative resume. The elements need to be spot on.

Our experts formulated the ins-and-outs of writing an eye-catching customer service representative resume. Follow the expert tips and tricks below.

To make things easier, here you have free access to our call center customer service representative resume sample.

call center customer service representative resume sample.

Use this resume sample for inspiration on how to organize your resume. You will get a basic idea of how to include critical information. Moreover, it will be a guide on ways to phrase your resume so that it gets you past the applicant tracking system and into the hands of a human recruiter.

How to Write A Customer Service Resume?

Whether you are writing a retail customer service resume or a call center customer service representative resume, here is all help. To discover the complete process and pro tips on writing a customer service resume, read on. Here is a complete guide that will help you create a resume that outshines.

1. What sections should be included in a Customer service representative resume?

When you begin to write your resume, you should first select a format. Basically, there are three main resume formats:

The resume you choose depends on your work experience and career stage. Here we have used a combination resume format. It is ATS friendly as well as it shows your work history and skills clearly.

To read in detail about each one of the resume formats, when to use them and when not, click here >>>> Best Free Resume pdf Format Download

Once you’ve chosen the format, you have to decide on what all to add. Here ae some section that you must add to your resume-

  1. Heading. Present at the top of your resume. It contains your name and contact information.
  2. Professional summary. This part is really important. It includes a few statements that introduce what you have to offer an employer. Moreover, here you must highlight your most relevant skills. It is best to incorporate a metric that shows off a notable achievement.
  3. Skills. This section should contain hard and soft skills. Communication and Technical skills are valued in this sector.
  4. Work History. Here you should list your past work experience in reverse chronological order. So, you begin with your current or most recent role.
  5. Education. This section represents your qualification, includes your classroom credentials -degrees, licenses, and certifications.

In addition to these, you may add some extra sections like-

-Awards and Honors
-Volunteer Experience

2. Top Customer Service Resume Skills

Here are some best skills that are relevant to the customer service field.

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Basic math
  • Effective listening
  • Empathy
  • Clear communication
  • Computer knowledge
  • Conflict resolution
  • Data entry
  • Friendly personality
  • Goal-oriented
  • Product knowledge
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Proficient in CRM software

In addition to the skills section, you must add these skills to your resume summary as well as job descriptions. Your skills must be distributed throughout your resume.

To get some specific skills, scan the job posting. The skills mentioned in the requirements section of the job posting will act as your resume keyword. Use the same terms that are present in the job posting. This will help you clear ATS.

3. Customer service representative resume objective

Your customer service representative resume objective must be well written. You can add a resume summary as well. In fact, the resume summary is preferred by most of the employers these days. An entry-level customer service resume must lay special emphasis on this section. It should have the power to maintain the reader’s interest.

The main rules of writing your effective summary are as follows-

  • Begin with your strongest trait.
  • State years of experience. Add numbers instead of words.
  • Highlight your relevant skills. Add skills from the job posting.
  • Include your greatest achievement. Quantify wherever possible.
  • Use action verbs.
  • Avoid personal pronouns.
  • Include the company and the position you are applying for.
  • State how you will prove to be an asset for them.
  • Wind up in a maximum of 6 sentences.

4. Customer Service Resume Strong Action Verbs

Action-driven language is a must for any resume. Here are some action verbs that are great for your field.

  • Defined
  • Developed
  • Engaged
  • Enlisted
  • Articulated
  • Conceptualized
  • Corresponded
  • Negotiated
  • Planned
  • Reconciled
  • Resolved
  • Simplified
  • Explained
  • Generated

Use these in your resume to add a powerful and confident tone.

5. How to make your customer service representative resume outshine?

The main goal of your application is to make yourself stand out from the competition.

-So, when you write your customer service representative resume, the focus should be on showcasing your ability to please customers. You must be proficient at communicating all types of information.

-To do so in the best manner is by conveying your soft skills. You can add these in the skills section as well as you can give examples in your Work History section.

-Also, employers wish to see the impact your work has had. Therefore, instead of wasting your valuable resume real estate on a boring list of job duties, punch them up with metrics. Quantify wherever possible. Make your bullet points effective rather than increasing their number.

-Consider adding a well-tailored cover letter to your application. Your cover letter must also contain resume keywords. Although a cover letter is not scanned by ATS, still it must have words that relate to your job. Even a manual scanning of your resume by an employer looks out for keywords.

-Stick to a single page resume. Do not add irrelevant details. Be precise and consistent.

If you have queries comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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