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engineering resume format

With engineers in high demand in the market, the competition is severe as well. In such a situation how do I make my engineering resume stand out? Well, here is all that you need to know about an engineering resume format. Also, check out the 9 engineering resume format pdf that is free to download.

Engineers have a very vast reach that comprises of varied skills and industry specialties. Therefore, you need a variety of skills like communication and management qualities, along with the technical ones. These may be different as per your field. So, how do you write engineering skills on a resume? No worries!

Just keep scrolling down and discover how easy it is to create a perfectly outshining engineer resume.

No matter if you are writing a Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Civil or Chemical Engineering resume, or a fresher graduate resume, you must know the following-

Top 9 Engineering Resume Format 2019 -PDF, Doc Free Download

Want to create a perfect resume in minutes? Download our free engineering resume format samples, add your personal details and it is done. That Simple!

computer science engineer resume
Civil Engineer Resume
Mechanical Engineer Resume

Engineering resume format for freshers

Software Engineering Resume format
Chemical Engineer Resume

Engineering resume templates Word

How to write an engineering resume? -Full Guide

To end all worries and assist in creating a perfect engineering resume format, here is a complete guide. So, without wasting anytime grab on the quick tips and guidelines that will help you immensely.

How do engineer students make resumes?

As students possess no experience in creating their first resume, it often turns out to be scary for them. So, the below-mentioned steps will guide your way through.

1. Selecting the Format- Which type of resume is best for freshers? For Experienced?

If you have enough work experience (that may be volunteer or internship in case of freshers) opt for Reverse Chronological Resume Type. On the other hand, Functional Resume is ideal for beginners.

For details on the Three types of Resume, Click Here>>>> Best Free Resume pdf Format Download

Combined Resume is suitable for all types of people. So, selecting the resume format type is entirely your choice. Basically, it depends on what you wish to highlight on your resume.

2. How to write contact information on Resume?
  • On the topmost portion of your resume is your Name. This must be the largest font on your resume (14 pt, 16 pt max.)
  • Contact Section will include-
    • Home Address
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number/ Contact Number
    • LinkedIn Address (optional)
    • Link to social media (When you wish to show your potential employers some of your best works)
3. How to Write a Strong Engineering Resume Objective or Summary?

Just below your name and contact, comes the resume objective or summary, centralized.

Here you can highlight your skills and advertise how they can bring value to the company.

Make use of Keywords from job description.

Here is a sample resume summary of an engineer-

“Dedicated Mechanical Engineer possessing significant experience and technical expertise to extend the highest quality mechanical component as well as system support. Efficient at project management and Highly skilled at formulating and implementing designs, equipment testing and producing specifications, while researching product application. “

Here the engineer describes himself as ‘dedicated’ and ‘highly skilled’

He also includes that he has ‘significant experience’. This shows employers that he is not an amateur.  

Then he smartly mentions that he is ‘efficient in project management’.

Thereby, his summary is specific, uses soft and hard skills, and well- tailored to the engineering world.

4. How to add qualification in resume?

The qualification of an engineer is important. Mainly this section incorporates-

  • College Name and Location.
  • Years.
  • Degrees.

Make sure you add details that match the job description.

List them down in the reverse chronological order. With your latest degree on the top.

You can also add certifications in your resume, if they are relevant or enhance the power of your resume.

5. Experience Section- Highlight your Experience as an Engineer

To create an outstanding resume, pay special heed to the experience section on your engineering resume format.

When you write about your career experience, focus on your achievements. Mostly majority of us end up listing duties and responsibilities in this section.

Example of career experience section-

Mechanical Engineer ABC Company, NY. 2017-Present

Planned and initiated electro-mechanical affordability options. Reducing 10% cost.
Created Computer-Aided Design for various types of printing machines.
Designed injection components of the printing machine while preventing high machine cost and performance issues.
Implemented my team management and project management skills in completing 8 major projects annually.

Here you must notice in the above example how he has mentioned that he managed eight projects. Also, note the cost reduction quality that has been smartly covered. Elaborating on his new ideas and creative thinking he has summed up his major projects like designing the printing machine and its components. Thus, he has nicely showcased his skills as an engineer.

6. How do you write engineering skills on a resume?

The best way to write engineering skills is to classify them as follows-

  1. Technical Skills.
  2. Communication Skills.
  3. Interpersonal Skills.
  4. Soft Skills

These skills are in high demand inn case of engineers. Here are examples of each-

  1. Technical Skills.- knowledge of programming languages, equipment handling, and designing, Expertise in tools.
  2. Communication Skills- listening, friendliness, confidence, teamwork
  3. Interpersonal Skills- responsibility, dependability, leadership
  4. Soft Skills – analytical, problem-solving skills, etc.

For more skills, Click Here- What are the best skills to put on your resume? 50+ Examples

How do I make my engineering resume stand out?

So, here are some special tips exclusively for engineers that will make your resume stand out and outshine.

  • Keep the length optimum. One paged resume is ideal. However, you have a lot of experiences to your credit, go for two paged resume.
  • Ensure that you incorporate the specific skills mentioned in the job advertisement.
  • Research about the company and its main projects. Do, while writing your resume, keep your audience in mind.
  • Make use of specific metrics/statistics wherever possible.
  • Try to show through your work who you are, rather than telling who you are.
  • Attach a cover letter. However, do not restate your resume in the cover letter. Add new things.

So, follow these and you are sure to win any engineering job position. If you have queries, comment below for expert advice.

All the Best!

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