Make your First Resume with No Work Experience (A step by Step guide)

First Resume with  no work experience

No professional work Experience? No worries.

Freshers and entry-level candidates are always in this dilemma- A job is needed for some experience but at the same time, some experience is needed to get selected for a job. Now with these thoughts when we sit down to create a resume, it appears as difficult as a greek puzzle. Here we will disclose the secret to writing your first resume with no work experience.

Follow the below-mentioned step by step guide. Do it with us. And you will realize that it was a very easy task. Just because you don’t possess a heap of experiences, it doesn’t mean you can’t craft a convincing resume.

How to Make the Best First Resume with No Work Experience for the Very First Time

Well, now we will tell you where yo begin, how to prepare and what all to include in your resume with no work experience.

Review this sample resume with no work experience college student

resume with no work experience college student

So, without wasting any time, let us begin writing our Resume.

Preparations for Your First Resume with no work Experience

Here are certain things you must do beforehand i.e. prior to writing your resume.


Choose your Resume Format

Now, basically there are three types of resume formats-

  • Reverse Chronological Resume format
  • Functional Resume Format
  • Combination/Combined Resume Format

To get details on when to use each one of these formats and when not. For whom it is best suited as well as samples- Click Here>>>>>>> Best Free Resume pdf Format Download

TipWe suggest Functional Resume Format for the first resume with no work experience.


Scan the Job Advertisement For Keywords

What does “Resume keywords” mean?

Keywords are short phrases or words that relate to particular requirements for a job. These are the skills, credentials, abilities and qualities that an employer looks for in a candidate. Therefore, use of right keywords is extremely essential in resume.

To hunt for them, check out the job description/advertisement. Jot down their requirements or the abilities or key skills that they have mentioned.

Moreover, often recruiters use Applicant tracking system – software which hunts for keywords to shortlist your resume.

Writing Your First Resume with no Work Experience

Here are is a complete step by step guide to writing a first resume with no work experience.


Personal Details and Contact Information

The topmost section goes as follows-

  • Name (This will be in the largest font of your resume- maximum 14 pt)
  • Contact Details
    • Contact Number
    • Email
    • Home Address
    • Website (if any) or Your LinkedIn Address.

Tip-Make sure that the email you use is professional and decent. Do not use- ‘’ type of email addresses. If you do not have, create one.


Writing a Summary Statement Or Resume Objective

Resume objective statements are a perfect place to state exactly what career goals you aspire to achieve.

Resume Objective For Students

  • Enthusiastic and passionate college student striving towards betterment with B.S in Marketing at the University of Georgia. Aiming to implement my knowledge of advertising, product development, and consumer research in order to satisfy the marketing internship at your company.

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On the other hand, a resume summary statement sums up who you are professional. Present at the top of the page in a sentence or two, it serves as the first impression you give a recruiter that keeps them hooked on to reading your resume.

Summary for resume with no experience examples


  • Project management official focused on developing new business ideas and leading high impact projects.
  • Efficiently assisted in major government issued projects with over 60M budget in a training session at ABC Inc.
  • Played an important role in completing these projects before time and 7% under budget.


Focus on Education Rather than Experience

When you are creating your first resume with no work experience, focus on your education. Highlight it in the best possible way.

State your Degree, College, GPA(if greater than 3.5). Furthermore, you can also mention your leadership experiences, awards, or if you made it to the deans’ list.

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Sample Education Section

sample education section


Make a Strong Skills Section

Your skills are the most important feature on your first resume with no work experience. Ensure that you include the relevant skills .i.e. those that match the job position you are applying for.

  • Include keywords tat you had written from the job advertisement.
  • Include both soft and hard skills.
  • Add some technical skills. Employers hunt for tech savvy people even in non-technical job positions.

For more details on how to write skills section and top skills on resume, Click Here>>>>> What are the best skills to put on your resume? 50+ Examples


Think About you Related Experiences

Even if you don’t have a paid job experiences, there are a number of other experiences that you can include in your resume.

  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Internship Experiences
  • Leadership Experiences

Surveys suggest that employers take these into account while shortlisting candidates. Often a well written related experience section has weightage over professional experience.

Sample resume with no work experience college student – Internship Experience

internship experiences
  • In these sections include your key roles and accomplishments.
  • Highlight how you brought a betterment for those whom you worked for.
  • Make use of statistics and a few numbers.

High school student resume with no work experience template sample-

Check out the various sections that have been included. Also, review the content in each of these sections.

Resume of student with no work experience


Other sections for your First Resume With NO work Experience

Volunteer Work: Having a volunteer experience is great. It adds to the experience on your resume.

Certifications: If you have passed any workplace certification at school or through a career, it can definitely be useful in your first job.

Hobbies & Interests: Although an optional section, it could help to showcase your personality.

Languages: Knowledge of another language is great for job seekers. Don’t forget to mention this in your first resume.

Awards & Commendations: These make you proud and sound perfect to put on any resume.

Proofreading And Customizing Your Resume

Check for typos, grammatical errors or any other mistake on your resume. Proofread over and over. Ask others to scan your resume for flaws.

Lastly, you must always customize your resume before sending it over. Make sure you edit it according to the needs of the job you are applying for every time you send your resume to a different company or position.

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So, follow these tips and suggestions to create your first resume. And surely your resume will win any job position. For free downloadable resume templates and examples, Click Here>>>> 21 Best Resume Examples for College Students

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