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Are cover letters for resume really required? Wouldn’t it be much simpler if I could just let my resume speak for itself? These thoughts arise when you find yourself staring down at a blank paper, planning to write a cover letter. Well, there is nothing to worry about as everything is set and done for you. Here, you can find resume cover letter template and free cover letter formats that you can download for free. Moreover, you can also check out our cover letter sample pdf to learn how to write a cover letter and what all you can include in your letter.

So, simply download the template, add your details to personalize and you are done. No worries about formatting, styling and layouts.

However, if you wish to write one yourself, here are the best guidelines to write a cover letter.

Free Cover Letter Formats and Templates

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How to write an Effective Cover Letter

Here is some best cover letter advice. So, scroll down to discover.

Cover letters do enhance your chances of getting a job. In fact, for certain employers, they are the most important part of your application. In a nutshell, cover letters give you a golden to tell prospective employers who you really are, why should they hire you, and how you stand out from the other applicants.

Follow these tips that will surely help you improve your cover letter and guide you to the best.

How to structure your cover letter?

Generally, cover letters are not more than a page long.

  • Initially, address your cover letter to the recruiter by their name, other than starting with “Dear Sir/Madam”. If you are unaware of who to address your letter to, contact the employer and ask.
  • Begin the main content by mentioning where you heard about the job. This will directly relate your application to a position advertised by the company. In case of no specific opening advertisement, your career objective takes the place.
  • Lastly, say that you look forward to an interview, and also state that you are willing to give further information.

Tips to Remember while Writing a Cover letter

  1. Do not Restate Your Resume
  2. Don’t stick to praising the company and the employers, they about themselves and want to know about you.
  3. Highlight your capabilities and accomplishments in the past.
  4. Your Skills (relevant ones) catch attention.
  5. Do not over-emphasize academic qualification.
  6. Instead Focus on your work experience. If you are a fresher, include volunteer work or extracurricular that highlight your potentials.
  7. Make Use of Numbers and statistics
  8. Cut down the Formal Statements, you appear robotic!

These suggestions are worth following when you wish to create a job-winning resume cover letter.

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Steps to write a Good Cover Letter

Here is a quick summary of the main steps you need to follow-

  • Address the employer
  • Mention the position you are applying for.
  • Include the right keywords.
  • Include your academic qualification and coursework. Elaborate on your experiences.
  • Add the relevant skills.
  • State all that makes you a perfect match for the job position.
  • Elaborate on what the company can gain by hiring you.
  • Format and proofread your cover letter.
1. Don’t be over formal

When you commence your cover letter, address the hiring manager with ‘Dear’. You must take pains to find out the name of the hiring manager. A cover letter that begins with -To whomsoever it may concern, ruins the impression. On the contrary, when you mention the name, it proves that you did your homework well.

2. Mention the position you are applying for.

Initially begin by mentioning the position you are applying for. Just state that. Do not run into praising the company. Usually, most of us commit this cover letter error. Job seekers begin to talk about how great the position would be for them. However, the employer has no interest in company whereabouts and how it will benefit you. Every recruiter reads a Cover letter, resume or CV to discover you as a person and your potentials. Therefore, stating what you are going to bring to the position and company is much more relevant and essential.

3. Include the right keywords.

Check out the job posting. Every company has laid out some key requirements there. These when included in your cover letter prove to be relevant keywords. The main goal of writing a cover letter is to convince the reader that you are an exact match for their requirements.

Also, you must not miss out the use of action verbs. These impart a touch of determination and assertion to your letter.

4. Include your academic qualification and coursework. Elaborate on your experiences.

Fresher can be a bit detailed about their qualifications. However, experienced individual simply has to state it. Since an employer looks forward to your work experience, a fresher with no experience also has multiple options. Remember that volunteer experiences and internships are real world experiences. Include them as they enhance your chances of selection.  Space it up by using bullet points.

5. Add the relevant skills.

A huge heap of skills is just not required. You must mention those that are relevant to the job. Do not state the obvious. Also, mentioning something like you have good fluency in English in a designing job isn’t essential. On the contrary, here you must highlight your creative skills.

Especially, freshers and interns should pay more focus to the skill section. However, ensure that you are not restating your resume.

6.State all that makes you a perfect match for the job position.

Customizing your letter for each position you apply for is a must. Statements like –‘Dear Sir/Madam, I am truly excited to apply for this position at your company, wherein I look forward to utilizing my skills……to enhance your profitability.’ The recruiter will immediately recognize that you attach this same letter every now and then. This ruins your impression and reduces your chances of getting shortlisted. So, when you download our free cover letter templates, customize them positively.

7. Elaborate on what the company can gain by hiring you.

As stated above, rather than praising the company, focus on what the company will gain. While talking about their accomplishments, tell how you will fit into the role and position. State with affirmation that you will foster the growth of the company. For this again, you must research on what all is required in that particular position.

8. Edit and proofread your cover letter.

Mistakes are intolerable. Typing errors, grammatical mistakes are real blunders and are not neglected. They immediately put across your insincerity. Be careful about them. Edit your cover letter and proofread carefully.

Follow the tips and guidelines. Download the formats and templates. Personalize. You are all set. All the best for your successful job application.

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