High School Students’ Resume Format

High school student resume

How should a high school student write a college resume?
A high school student with almost no work experience? No worries. Check out all that you need to know on how to create a resume for high school students on this page. Read on to discover the best tips, ideas, and templates for high school students’ resume.

Resume for High School Students with No Work Experience

How can a high school student make a college resume?

A college fresher resume or other undergraduate college resumes are difficult to compose. Trying to create a resume without work experience is almost an uphill battle.

Every recruiter hunts for candidates that are professional, with years of prior experience. So, how do you write a resume with no experience, and win a job?

Scroll down. We will create one step by step and you will soon have a great resume with no experience. Trust me, this will soon get you your first paycheck.

Tips for Resume for High School Students

Choose the Right Formatting for Your High School Resumes

A number of people with resumes jam-packed with experience from past jobs apply for the same position that you are applying for. Even employers want candidates with prior experience. So now what?

Firstly, you must understand that there are three resume formats-

  1. Reverse Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combined

Here we have selected the reverse chronological resume format for you. However, we will have certain tweaks added to it. Follow these tips and guidelines-

  • Adding a professional heading statement.
  • Sticking to the selected format i.e., Reverse Chronological.
  • Including technical details.
  • Highlighting achievements and accomplishments.
  • Underlining education and relevant skills.
  • Including internships, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.
  • Using resume keywords and tailoring your resume.
  • Attaching a cover letter to your Resume.

Ensure that you always put the most important as well as relevant information towards the top of your resume.

Professional Summary or Resume Objective

Although an optional section, this heading statement is a sure-fire way to catch the recruiter’s attention. It is just like a perfect movie teaser. Freshers and high school students must include a resume objective. Ensure that you highlight transferable skills from various areas. This means that though you may not have experience with this position, you do have experience which is relevant to it. Keep it precise and concise. Not more than 30-50 words i.e. 3 sentences.

What is a good objective for a resume for a high school student?

High school student resume objective Example– Passionate student blogger seeking to invigorate Hillwoods University’s student body with proven leadership and organizational skills. Founded and ran a video channel that got over 4K YouTube views. Students basketball team captain with A+ avg. in English and Chemistry.

Focus on your Education rather than Experience

Your education section is impressive. It possesses the potential to overpower the elaborate experience section on other resumes. So, on a resume for a first job with no experience, the education section is placed at the top, right below your compelling resume objective.

  • When you are a college student in university-

BA in Journalism

ABC University, Albany, NY

Expected Graduation in 2020

  • When you are a High school graduate.

Hillwoods High School, Albany, NY

Graduated in 2018

Remember, that you must write your GPA only when it is impressive i.e. above 3.5

Experience Section

Even if you have any part-time work, it will go a long way towards an attractive experience section. For instance- if you dream to be a journalist for the New York Times, do some freelance writing work from sites such as Upwork or Livingston. Now you possess a few published samples in your resume without experience.

Skills Section

In the skill section, your goal must be to tailor your skills to the job listing. So, browse the job listing. Underline important resume keywords. Incorporate these to your resume. Check out some high school resume skills examples –

What activities look good on a resume?

Hard skills include specific abilities and know-how (e.g., intercom system).

Soft skills are self-developed, life-learned attributes (e.g., problem-solving, adaptability, Creativity, Leadership, Flexibility, Positivity)

Technical Skills may include MS Office and other software or applications that you have mastered using.

Other Sections

  • Volunteer Work: Anywhere you have worked for a good cause,
    an altruistic activity where you have worked for no financial or social gain.
  • Certifications: from any seminars, courses that you have attended in the past.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Include only the ones that are relevant to the job position.
  • Languages: Also, mention your fluency, verbal or written skills. Languages, other than the native language.
  • Awards & Commendations: Include relevant awards.
  • Online links to Profile- make sure it is professional. Delete things that give you an unprofessional look.

Attach a Cover Letter

Click here for best guidelines on writing a cover letter.

college student resume template

High School Students College Application

Writing a Resume for High school students college application? Follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Also, you can consider adding the following to your resume.

Activities on Resume


  • Founded and ran basketball club at the age of 9 with 11 members for 4 years. Won 20+ interschool competitions in these years.
  • Co-captain, a basketball team
  • Read 288 books from all genres ever since age 9
  • Pursued passion for ancient castles. In a trip to Europe, visited and mapped 11 specimens.
  • Traveled to Hungary. Learned useful words and phrases while interacting with locals.
  • Built video channel group of five actors, making two 1-hour sketch-comedy specials that won over 4K YouTube views. Also, huge positive reviews were collected.
  • Pursued passion for English and chemistry, maintaining A+ scores in both.
High School Students' Resume Format 4

Internship Resume for High School Students

If you find yourself struggling to write your high school resume? Have look at our downloadable samples. Follow the above-mentioned expert writing guidelines and tips for some guidance!

An internship resume solves the main problem. The recruiters are all aware that you do not possess any professional work experience. However, you must incorporate volunteer ones and highlight the necessary sections on your resume.

High school student resume

Resume for High School Students’ First Job

How can a college student make a resume for a first job?

Check out the Resume templates here. Tailor the downloaded template and apply for your first job. But before that go through the guidelines mentioned above carefully. Also, keep in mind these added expert pieces of advice and create a job-winning resume.

Formatting is the key to a good resume
High School Students' Resume Format 5

Make your curriculum vitae or resume easily scannable. Divide information into sections. Add clear headings, bulleted lists, and follow a proper consistent font. Choose the system of organization that works best for you. (Chronological resume, by the importance of activity, or by time). The samples for each have been given above. Proofread over and over!

Be honest and accurate

In your very first job when you start lying straight away, you are likely to get caught. Professionals know how to spot inconsistencies. They can call your counselor to verify information that appears dubious. Therefore, do not lie about things.

If you have any queries comment below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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