Best Hotel Manager Resume & Cover Letter

Getting hired for a job in hotel management can be challenging. So, it is crucial to create the best impression on your first step. A resume is the first best step to demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the position. It provides your relevant skills and experience. Therefore, you must ensure that your hotel manager resume presents this information in a way that is easy and quick to read.

Best Hotel Manager Resume & Cover Letter 1

Review sample resumes for ideas on what to include and how. The following hotel manager resume sample is tailored to a specific position. Thus, it will provide a guide as to how to write your own professional document.

Best Hotel Manager Resume Sample

Check out the hotel manager resume format sample below. Get an idea of how to create your own resume. You also use this sample as a template. Just replace the details with your own. The sample resume for hotel and restaurant management can be downloaded for free.

About this resume-

-This resume follows the reverse-chronological format style.
-Remus has 6+ years of experience. So, all experienced hotel managers can view this as an example.
-Customer service skills, as well as communication skills, have been highlighted in this resume format.

hotel manager resume format

Hotel Manager Cover Letter Sample

Hotel manager resume cover letter is a perfect place to create your impression. These give you an opportunity to express yourself in a more personalized manner. Instead of phrases, you can use complete sentences. Add things that you could not add on your resume. A cover letter that restates your resume is a waste of time. So, carefully frame the document in a manner that the reader gets interested to know more about you.

Review the hotel manager cover letter below.

Best Hotel Manager Resume & Cover Letter 2

Some More Resume Templates

Answers to Most Common Questions on Hotel Manager Resume

Here our experts have answered your most common questions on hotel manager resume writing. Check out the answers and tips. Follow them in your resume construction.

1. Which format is the best for Hotel Management Resumes?

Basically, there are three resume format styles-


You can choose any style. However, we suggest using a reverse-chronological resume format style. If you are a fresher opt for a combination resume format.

These two work best with the ATS as well and highlight the right attributes. All efforts go in vain when your resume is not formatted for ATS. So, let not your qualification be neglected. When you are qualified, do not let your poorly formatted resume ruin your dream.

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2. What sections should be in a Hotel Manager Resume?

A hotel manager resume can have the following sections-

  • Firstly, your summary statement.
  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • Education
  • Other sections-
    • Volunteer experience
    • Internship Experience
    • Hobbies
    • Awards
    • Memberships
    • Languages Known

Adding some extra sections to your resume separates it from the crowd. So, add a few relevant ones.

3. What are the best action verbs for hotel management resume?

Action verbs are included in the summary as well as in the job description section. These add a confident tone to your resume. Moreover, these are really helpful while explaining your duties and accomplishments. So, check out the list below.


For more resume action verbs, click here >>>> 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

4. What are the best Hotel Manager Resume Skills?

A management position requires a number of abilities. So, a hotel manager should have additional skills that pertain to the industry.

Incorporate between five and eight qualifications. Make use of bullet points to make them easy and quick to scan.

Some most common skills related to management are-

-decision making
-conflict resolution
-organizational capabilities.

Moreover, try to include skills and qualifications desired in the hospitality industry. For instance-

-customer service
-interpersonal skills
-business skills
-Expertise in MS Excel and spreadsheet creation.
-Various hotel operating systems.

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5. How to Add Education to Hotel Management Resume?

Well, the degree or qualification depends on the specific position you are applying for. This section need not be elaborated. It should be concise and brief. Add only relevant information.

You follow the reverse-chronological format. So, your highest degree is mentioned towards the top of this section. Include the name of the degree and name of the college. Then go backward from there.

It is not compulsory to list graduation dates, especially if they were a while ago.

Do not include your high school diploma. However, if it is the only education designation you have, you can include. You might consider adding any specific coursework as part of your studies. Furthermore, any professional seminars you have attended, specialized training, or professional organizations that you have been a part of can be added. Ensure that these are relevant to the position you are applying for. Else do not add them. Association to NGOs is really impressive for employers. Freshers may add relevant details while experienced individuals should keep this section precise.

5. What should be the length of the Hotel Manager Resume?

Typically, in most situations, the ideal length for your resume is one page. So, carefully add details. You must ensure that this length should provide hiring managers with enough information. Your aptitudes and experiences must be incorporated. Above all, the resume should have relevant details that excite the employer and wishes to know more about you in an interview.

Those with a lot of experience or relevant affiliations can opt for the second page. However, ensure that all that you list is really connected to your industry.

So, follow the above tips and create an impressive hotel manager resume. Do not forget to add the hotel manager cover letter. It makes your resume outshine. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.

If you have queries comment below. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions.

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