How Long Should A Resume Be? Experts’ Advice

Is a single-page resume ideal? Some say 1 page, while some say 2 or 3 or 4. How long should a resume be?

Often you come across those who say “it depends.”

Well, to clear all doubts read on.

How Long Should A Resume Be? Experts' Advice 1

In the eras before when fax machines and paper were most commonly used, the second pages to your resume could go missing.

Nowadays, we use email. Moreover, Applicant Tracking Systems have made it easier to submit a two-page or longer resume.

But that doesn’t mean that we can write all stories to our heart’s content in the name of resume.

The need to impress the busy hiring manager fast remains the same. That’s the main reason for checking your resume length.

Read on below and discover the secrets to an impressive resume writing.

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Got more questions about how long your resume should be? We’ll cover below how long should a resume be for a professional as well as a college student.

How Long Should A Resume Be?

Exactly how long should a resume be?

Here are some most common questions answered that relate to the length of a resume.

1.How many pages should a resume be?
1-2 pages depending upon experience

2. Why does the length of resume matter?
It conveys the extent of your experience

3. How long is a CV?
No more than 2 pages.

4. Should all resumes be one page?
No. You must add your best accomplishments to your resume. So, if you have plenty, add another page or two.

How Long Should a Resume Be for a Professional?

The best answer to your problem is –

Keep your resume as short as possible while conveying your best worth.

Usually, in most cases, that means one page. Anyone with less than 7–10 years of relevant experience must opt for a single-page resume.

However, those with more experience relevant to the job, can opt for more pages, longer resumes.

How long can a resume be? 

Typically, a resume can be one page or two pages. Now, this may leave you wondering if a 3-page resume too long? or what about a 4-page resume?

Well, if you have got enough unique, related achievements without repeating and each one is impressive, write a longer resume. You may go upto the fourth page.

The bottom line is –

While writing a resume one must focus on customizing the resume to the job offer. Your aim is to prove that you fit the job and for this, you highlight your related accomplishments.

Now, if you can do that on one page, go ahead. If a single page makes you look too light, add more achievements and thus more pages.

Furthermore, a resume should go back longer for jobs that need tons of experience. If the job advertisements say “3–5 years of experience required,” then you need not list 20.

How Long Should A Resume Be for a College Student? 

Well, if you were an Einstein in college and formulated theorems then you may require that second page for resume, else a single-page resume is perfectly good for all college students.

Steps To Create A Perfect Resume Length

How can you make your resume of the appropriate length?

Follow the resume length advice below. It doesn’t matter if you have a 1-page resume, a 2-page resume, or longer. Just keep the following in mind and you will have a perfect resume.

1. Try To Keep the Reader Hooked

You must not worry about, “How long should a resume be?” but “How can you keep it moving?”

Therefore, you must not try to fit in long descriptions of responsibilities. Often your hiring managers skim resumes in just a matter of six seconds.

Therefore, your goal is to stick to achievements and hook the readers’ interests.

2. Be Relevant

Well, you need not put anything less than what amazes the hiring manager.

Build your resume with achievements. Prove how in the past you’ve already nailed similar jobs. Doing this will keep your resume short as well as engaging.

3. Precise and Crisp

Ensure that you don’t repeat the same achievement over and over.

For instance- instead of writing that you trained five employees in Java, two in C++, and 15 in FORTON say that you trained 20+ employees in languages like Java, C++, FORTON. This will use one bullet point. The condensed style helps get rid off the monotony.

4. How many bullet points per job on a resume? 

Listing 3–5 bullet points per job on a resume is perfect. Make each of them 1–2 lines. Make sure to keep your points relevant to this particular organization and position.

A maximum of 6 bullet points per job maintains the readers’ interest. Adding too many ruins the effect. It appears as if you are bragging.

So, follow the above tips and make your resume outshine!

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