How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume

Discover the best tips on how to describe work experience on a resume. The experience section- the part where you describe your past jobs play a very crucial part in the whole job application.

How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume

When employers scan your resume, they are basically looking for strong instances from your previous positions.

Your job title sums your key roles for that position. Therefore, make use of the experience section to highlight things that a recruiter doesn’t know about you.

Read on and grab the best pieces of advice from our resume experts. Also, learn how to land more interviews by personalizing every job description to match the requirements of the vacancy you’re applying for.

Guidelines on How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume

Here you will come across the complete guide to writing your resume job description/ work experience section.

Sample Work Experience
Sample Work Experience

Before we move on to the tips and trick on writing work experience on a resume, consider the main components of a work experience section.

What Does The Work Experience Section Contain?

For every relevant position held, the work experience section of your resumé should incorporate the following.

  • Job title
  • Name of the organization/ company
  • City/country
  • Dates of employment (From-To)
  • Brief description of your job responsibilities.
  • Your best achievements/accomplishments

1. Follow the Reverse Chronological Order

While listing your previous job positions and their descriptions, follow the reverse chronological order. So, you first mention your most recent or current job position and its details. Then move backwards.

2. Make Your Job Title Stand Out

You must state the job title you held in your previous position. Make sure you highlight it in this section by using either bold or italics font.

3. Include the Organization Details

The name of the organization that you worked for comes next. Also, mention the city/country.
Including your employment dates is a must. You must add the month and the year. However, those with 10+ years of professional work history, can just mention the years and avoid the months.

How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume

4. How To Include Bullet Points in A Resume?

It is certainly better to add bullet points while describing your work experience rather than paragraphs. The following tips will help you create perfect resume bullet points.

How many Bullet points to include in each job?

You must add at least 2 bullet points per job position. However, ensure that you do not add more than 6 bullet points.

Tip- Create small, one-liner bullet points. Do not write long stories and make each bullet point a paragraph.

Follow The PAR Rule

PAR stands for Problem, Action, Result. So, when you describe your duties or achievements you first mention the situation/problem that you came across. Next, you describe the action you took to resolve it. Finally, state your result-accomplishment.

“Devised and implemented new sales programs which resulted in a 27% increase in new business”

Use Resume Strong Action Verbs

Begin each bullet point with a verb in the active voice. So, you do not say that you were “responsible for doing this”, instead, say that you “did” it.

This adds a confident tone to your resume.

Tip- When describing your present job, use present tense- manage, lead, supervise, etc.

When describing your previous jobs, use past tense- managed, led, supervised, etc.

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Quantify Your Accomplishments

Addition of numbers, percentages, statistics, help estimate the impact of your work. So, make sure you quantify your best of achievements. You can also include a separate subheading- ‘key accomplishments’ withing the job description.

You may add-
-Percentage increase
-Percentage reduction
-The size of the organization
-How many people were on your team?
-Number of employees have you supervised
-How large were the budgets you’ve handled?
-The number of candidates you trained.
-You can also add a well-estimated range if you are unsure of the exact number.


  • Trained and mentored 10+ engineering interns to reach permanent junior engineer positions.
  • Collaborated with a team of 6 engineers to ensure company-wide branding consistency for our client.

Add Relevant Skills To Bullet Points

Try to squeeze in a few relevant skills within your job description points. Using skills mentioned in the job advertisement is certainly a better option. These may act as resume keywords. They optimize your resume for ATS.

Most Common Questions on How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume

Given below are answers of some of the most common question on how to describe work experience on a resume.

1. How many jobs should I list on a resume?

The number of jobs you list, depends on your work experience.

  • Senior-level candidates may list last 15 years of experience on their resume.
  • Junior candidates may include relevant positions in their field and a brief mention of other positions.
  • Entry-level candidates must include all paid work, internships, part-time or temporary work, freelancing, independent projects.
  • Students with no experience may list their volunteer experiences, roles in student organizations, practicums, or any paid work.

2. How to Write a resume with no work experience college student?

A college student usually lacks work experience. However, there are other things to add to your resume.

For instance-

  • Any paid and unpaid work experience
  • Roles in student organizations
  • Practicums
  • Unpaid internships
  • volunteer experiences
  • Association with NGOs

3. How To Create A Targeted Work Experience Section?

The best way to create a targeted job description is to add-

  • Buzzwords
  • Resume keywords from the job description
  • Industry-specific skills.
  • Match your key roles to the roles at the company. Prior research about the company you are applying to really helps.

So, follow the above guidelines on how to describe work experience on a resume and outshine.

We wish you luck!

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