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Are you a fresher and plan to create a perfect resume? No worries. There are innumerable options for creating a well-designed professional looking resume very easily. You can prepare the best resume yourself using our templates and following our expert’s best guidelines. Also, here we have listed some top sites for you, where you can build your resume online in a matter of five minutes. So, scroll down and discover how easy it is to prepare even your first resume.

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Prepare Resume Format for Freshers in MS Word

Firstly, here are 5 steps to prepare the Best Resume in MS Word. Follow this step by step and you will create a job-winning resume.

  1. Choose A Resume template
  2. Scan the job listing for Resume Keywords
  3. Edit your Resume in MS Word
  4. Proofread
  5. Rename your file
1. Choose A Resume template

Using a resume template has multiple benefits. Below-mentioned are some great benefits of using a template for resume writing.

  • They help you structure your resume in a way that it is more well-organized.
  • they help in setting the layout of your documents.
  • Also, they show you what elements can be included in your resume.
  • Above all, templates help you save time. As they give you a suggested structure for your document, therefore you can quickly start writing. The time usually spent in creating and selecting format and layout is spent on polishing and proofreading.

Using a template as an initial point for your resumes is perfect. However, ensure that you change the elements of the template to fit your own personal details. For instance- if a resume example has skills section and you do not want to have a skills section in your resume, you can simply delete it. Furthermore, you can also alter what stays at the top and what comes where.

2. Scan the job listing for Resume Keywords

Resume keywords are a must on your resume as most of employers use applicant tracking system software. This software matches keywords from the job description to your resume. So, if your resume has the right keywords, it has better chances of getting shortlisted.

So, check out the job listing/job description. Note their requirements, the exact words. Use them on your resume as much as possible. They prove to be your resume keywords.

3. Edit your Resume in MS Word

The templates usually contain fake names and details. They may also contain ‘lorem ipsum’ dummy text. All you have to do is delete the dummy text and add your details.

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Tips for Editing a Resume in MS Word

  • Remember, the golden rule that precision is ideal. So, your resume does not need to include everything you ever did. Include only relevant things.
  • Ensure that the Document is unique to You and the Job
  • Also, make sure to customize/tailor the document to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a teacher job, include work or volunteer experiences that are relevant to teaching others or prove your leadership qualities. 
  • Include keywords as much as possible.
  • Keep font size and style simple, clear and clean.
  • Do not be over creative.
  • It is really important to be truthful on your resume. Also, portray your experience accurately. Do not fall into the trap of stretching your experience or changing job titles. Never, fudge dates to cover employment gaps.
  • Lastly, try not to exceed one page
4. Proofread

Double check each and every detail. Take the time to carefully proofread your resume document. Furthermore, ask your friends and colleagues to scan the resume for errors.  It often happens that we may miss out certain errors but others may catch it. A well-polished resume will impress any employer.

5. Rename your file

You must save your resume with your name. Often people miss this step. They send the template named file while using free resume builders.

When you rename the resume, employers will know whom it belongs to.

For example, save it as- firstname.lastname.doc or you can save it as lastnameresume.doc.

Online Resume Builders

You can also make use of online resume builders. Here are links of some best online resume builders for freshers as well as experienced individuals. You can easily find resume samples, resume templates and even get your resume made online.

  1. Zety’s online resume maker
  2. Google Docs
  3. Canva
  4. Visme

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You can also store your resume online on google drive and google docs. Furthermore you can share your resume on any social media platform and also with prospective employers.

Some dos and don’ts for your resume

The Dos
  • List down your impressive and most relevant achievements first so that they catch the readers attention.
  • Do use resume keywords and optimize for applicant tracking systems
  • Mention soft skills. These may include communication skills, problem-solving powers.
  • Do tailor your resume for the company/firm you are applying for.
  • Do try to keep your resume to fit exactly one page.
The Don’ts
  • Don’t mention what is obvious
  • Ensure that you don’t  use over fancy pictures and colors
  • Don’t make use of weak action verbs like  “help lead” or “assisted”. Use strong action verbs.

Download Free Resume Format for Freshers| No job Experience

Resume format for fresher engineer
Resume format for fresher teacher
Resume Format for Fresher Job
civil engineer resume
resume format for fresher graduate
Fresher doctor resume
Resume Format for Fresher MBA
Architect Resume

Which resume format suits you the best? Comment below your queries and requests. We look forward to your comments.

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