How To Write a Graphic Designer Resume? Best 7 Step Guide

how to write a graphic designer resume

Creativity and creativity. A graphic designer resume is all about that. So, here is a complete guide on how to write a graphic designer resume. Read on.

The best of jobs look for the best of candidates. If you are creative, you are worth it. But how to make your resume speak that aloud.

If you are clueless about what to write in a graphic design resume, here is all the help you need.

How to Write a Creative Resume that Stands Out?
7 Step Guide

With relevant professional content and a creative resume format, your resume will stand out in any field. No matter if you are a fresher or an experienced individual. Scroll down and discover the secret to a perfect resume.

This 7 step guide will make resume writing easier than ever before.

Step 1:- Resume Format

What is the best Graphic Designer Resume Format?

Since you are a graphic designer, your skills should speak out for you in your resume.

Graphic designing is all about presenting an amazing content in an attractive manner. So, here we will help you build that creative content as well as attractive format. Let’s do it together.

Three basic Resume Formats for a Graphic Designer are-

It is certainly better to follow these professional resume types for the highest chance of success.

  • Reverse-Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume

Usually, we prefer and suggest reverse chronological. It is the employers’ favorite. Take a look at Lara Cameron’s Resume-

Graphic designer resume word format- how to write a resume for graphic designer

Tip– Notice that the contact information is not so basic. Being a graphic designer you would love to show some of your work. So, you can add a link to social media. However, make sure that your social media account is professional enough.

Also, check out >>>> 5 Amazing Graphic Designer Resume Format- Free Download!for freelance graphic designer resume and more.

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Step 2:-

How to write a Graphic Designer Resume Objective?

A resume objective is good for career changers and freshers. Graphic designer resume objective must include-

  • Your strongest skill in the beginning.
  • Action-oriented language.
  • Resume Keywords grasped from the job description.

Stick to these three and it is that simple.

A Resume summary is certainly better for experienced individuals. The must-haves remain the same.


How to write your Graphic Designer Resume Work Experience?

Experience matters. However, this does not mean that a fresher has no chance.

Freshers can add relevant volunteer experiences if they have any. Even if you don’t, grab some quickly. You can go in for some freelance work online.

Ensure that you present your experience in just the right way. Increase your chances by following the right format. Check out the sample above. Lara has made use of statistics. Also, note how she has divided the section using proper heading and bulleted statements. She has laid emphasis on achievements and accomplishments. Furthermore, extensive use of action words makes her resume fit for selection in the six seconds glance.

Lastly, tailoring your experience to each and every job opening is a must.


How to write a Graphic Designer Resume Education Section

Real-world experiences are definitely what every employer looks for.

So does education create an impact? Yes, it does.

If you lack a great degree, you cannot build up a good experience quickly. So, a degree is a blessing.

See, how Lara has stated the facts. Your education section must have the following-

University and location
Degree type
Awards, certificates, honors.

How to write a graphic designer resume education section for fresher with no experience

Do not worry if you are a fresher or you have not completed your degree yet. You can still write a wonderful graphic designer resume. Lay emphasis on your areas of passion and interest. Moreover, accomplishments so far also help. dd extracurriculars..


Graphic Design Resume Skills

Resume skills play a major role in your graphic designer resume. Technical skills are important. However, soft skills are a must. Check out some top resume skills here >>> what are the best skills to put on your resume? 50+ Examples. and discover how to write a graphic designer resume skills section.

Some good skills for a graphic designer are-

IllustratorExcellent Communicator
InDesignTime Management
MS OutlookDelivering Presentations
MS Office PackageTeam Work

Include both the types of skills as each has its own importance.


What can be the other Sections on your Graphic Designer Resume?

Some other sections on your resume can be-

-Volunteer Experience
-Leadership Experience
-Hobbies and Interests
-Awards and Honors
-Languages Known
-Online Links


Formatting and Proofreading

Lastly, this step is the most important one. All work is a waste if you skip this final step.

Firstly, you must make sure that your resume is an ATS fit resume. For this ensure that-

-It does not have headers and footers.
-If it does have, the information in the headers should be in the main body as well.
-Keywords. Keywords and Keywords. Add resume keywords whenever possible.

Now make sure that you scan for typos, grammatical errors. Read aloud and check for mistakes. Take help from colleagues to format your resume.

Be consistent in formatting. However, if you are using our sample templates, you need not worry about this portion. Reverse Chronological format is employers’ favorite. So, it is better to choose that. Do not go above and beyond in terms of creativity. Be professional.

Experts suggest attaching a cover letter to your resume. This enhances your professional look.

Lastly, tailor each and every detail to the job you are applying for.

So, these were the seven steps that summarize how to write a graphic designer resume. Follow these and create an outshining resume. With designers giving tough competition to one another, it is important that you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or a professionally skilled pro, your design resume must speak up for you and fight the heap to reach the top.

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