How to Put an Internship on A Resume Sample?

A relevant internship on a resume sample can make you stand out from the crowd. This holds true especially when you are a student or a fresher with little work experience. Furthermore, if you are changing careers you can make use of internship experience.

how to put internship on a resume

Usually, we tend to hide our internship experiences at the bottom of the resume. Do not do this. Instead, highlight your relevant internship experience. Elaborate on how they have prepared you for the job you desire.

When to mention Internships on Your Resume

  • You must include internship experience on your resume only when the internship is relevant to the job you are applying for. This happens especially when you are a student or a fresher with limited work experience.
  • Internships impart critical experience in the industry. Therefore, make sure that you include them to show-off your skills and abilities.
  • Furthermore, internships can be included when you are starting a new career. In this case, you might have many years of work experience, but these jobs might not relate to your new career. So, highlighting any relevant internship that has prepared you for a job in your new industry is great.

When Not to mention Internships

  • Removing internships from your resume when you begin to develop enough work experience is reasonable.
  • After about five years or two or three jobs in an industry, you can skip mentioning internship experience. Rather elaborate on your work experience.
  • However, if you possess a prestigious internship in your field, you can keep it on your resume for a longer time.
  • Lastly, if your internship is not relevant to the job you are applying for, please avoid mentioning it.

Where to Put Internship

  • As internships bestow important work experience, you must include your internships in the “Work Experience” or “Work History” section on your resume. This can be along with other jobs you have listed.
  • If you possess multiple internships, a separate “Internship” section can be created on your resume. Also, put this section towards the top.
  • An Internship is a real-world experience. It should be given as much weight as a job. So, put your “Internship” section before your “Work History” section. This is applicable when your internships are particularly relevant to the prospective job.
  • Lastly, do not put your internships at the bottom of your resume. Also, the “Education” section is not the area for internships.

How to Put an Internship On A Resume Sample

As stated above, an internship is a real-world experience. It should be given as much weight as a job. So, when you include an internship on your resume, mention the same information as you do for any other job. When writing a good internship resume consider the following-

Internship Resume Samples

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Samples for Internship resume objective

  • A finance business administration graduate with advanced knowledge of economics, I aspire to obtain an internship with XYZ Company, that will be benefitted from my excellent customer service skills.
  • My efficient problem-solving and analytical skills will be well utilized at XYZ Company’s summer internship program. A part-time work experience and business marketing studies will provide solid support to XYZ Company’s marketing department.
  • A self-motivated, hardworking fresher student in computer applications, seeking an internship position at XYZ Company that will allow me to explore career options in the IT sector. I have coached several computer undergraduates, and have completed advanced projects relevant to this internship position.
  • A 4.0 GPA throughout my software engineering studies attest my hard work and enthusiasm for the engineering industry, I hope to obtain an engineering internship wherein I can utilize my analytical and designing skills.
Internship Cover letter sample free Download pdf

Internship Resume Format-Download Free MS Word Document

Resume format for Internship

Use these tips and expert pieces of advice to create a job-winning resume even when your work experience is limited. Also, share your comments in the comment section below.

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