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A qualified librarian looking for a job? Learn how to make a librarian resume that hooks readers. Try our free downloadable sample. Also, go through the experts’ advice. Check out the matching librarian resume cover letter.

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A librarian job description comprises of the following-

  • selecting, cataloging and classifying library resources.
  • answering readers’ inquiries.
  • familiarity with digital library, use of library systems and computer applications.
  • staff management, including recruitment, training and supervising interns/assistant.
  • liaising with departmental academic staff.

Now that you have a basic idea of a librarian job duties, let us review a few librarian resume samples.

Best Librarian Resume Samples

Check out the best school librarian resume, as well as a public librarian resume. Resume for librarian assistant is also provided below.

-The following is a librarian resume pdf.
-Marilyn works at a school library.
-Check out the various sections on the resume.

school librarian resume

-The following is a resume for a librarian assistant.
-Volunteer experience section has been included in the resume.

Best Librarian Resume Pdf & Cover Letter 1

Librarian Resume Cover Letter

The resume formats above have a matching cover letter as well. Download librarian resume cover letter samples for free!

Tips to Write A Librarian Resume

Now, that you have an idea about what all should be in a resume for a librarian job, here are some tips for making a perfect resume.

1. Begin with a Compelling Librarian Resume Objective

Starting your resume with an amazing librarian Resume Objective is a great option. In an objective statement, you add the most essential aspects of your professional experiences, academic record, and skills. Be concise and wind up in a maximum of a three-sentence paragraph.

(Read more- how to write a resume objective in our detailed article.)

-Initially, you begin by revealing several bits of relevant information. This must entice a hiring manager to read further.
-Next, you reveal if you are an experienced or an entry-level candidate. If you are an experience holder, add years of experience in numbers.
-If you have volunteer and internship experience, include it. It indicates that you would not need much training.
-Use strong action verbs, keywords from the job posting.

Take a look at the objective sentence here:

2+ years’ experience working as school librarian, and actively assisted with various library projects. Posses a masters in english literature nad adept in digital library software and technologies.

With such eye-catching information at the top of the resume, the candidate will make the resume extremely relevant to the job opening and captured the employers’ attention.

2. Make a Powerful Experience Section

To make your resume stand out, follow the tips below while customizing experience section.

-Firstly, you must state your designation, library name, location.
-Now break down the rest of the section into bulleted points.
-Quantify. This means that wherever you can, include numbers to describe your experience clearly.
-Use strong action verbs.

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Include the number of years you have been working professionally. This information creates the right impact.

  • …recent graduate seeking to leverage two years of internship and volunteer experience…

It is certainly a good idea to give the hiring manager a sense of the size of the library you worked for. However, if you feel that the size is not that impressive, skip this.

Grant money is a great feather to your cap. So, if you earned this, include it on your resume. Furthermore, donations earned through fundraising activities are also impressive.

If you are a fresher, do not worry. Volunteer experiences and internships have the same power as professional experiences. So, follow the same guidelines while writing your volunteer experience.

3. Skills Section for Librarian Resume

Skills when relevant to the job, are impressive. So, choose the right ones. Often you will find some listed in the job posting. If you possess any of those, include them on your resume. Resume skills must be a combination of soft and hard ones. Technical skills on the resume of a librarian add power and make your resume stand out.

In addition to the skills section, they can be incorporated in the resume summary and experience section. Put across your most specific, relevant, and meaningful skills. Soft skills are great on resumes. They describe you as a person. So, add some relevant soft skills as well.

You can either list your special skills in a block of text or in a bulleted format. The choice is yours. Graphical representation of skills is also a good way to show your creativity.

4. Librarian Education Section on Resume

When you are applying for a private-sector job, create a concise section of your educational achievements. However, if you are an entry-level candidate, then this section should be eye-catching.

Here you will state-

  • Your degrees of course. These may include your masters, bachelors.
  • Also, include your certifications or any special training.
  • You can list distinction or honor that you were granted. However, it is a better idea to include a separate section for this.
  • Under the “Awards and Honors” section, you may list your honors, awards, scholarships, and grants.

Review the resume samples above. Grasp the formatting ideas. These will help you create a better display of your educational information.

When you are using our free templates, you need not worry about formatting. Simply replace the text with your details.

5. How to Make Your Librarian Resume Stand Out?

When every employer receives innumerable applications for the same post, it is essential to make a resume that outshines. Here we bring to you some expert advice on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

  • Be professional. Do not try to be hilarious. Do not go above and beyond in terms of creativity.
  • Format your resume for ATS. However, when you are using our sample templates, you need not worry about this.
  • For ATS optimization keep in mind the following tips-
    • Do research on the company/organization you are applying for. Add keywords from the job description in your resume.
    • Avoid footers and header. Also, minimize tables and columns.
    • Be specific. Do not be vague or general.
    • Prefer using a doc or Docx file type.
    • Stick to simple bullets.
    • Avoids charts and too many graphics.
  • Add affiliations with NGOs to enhance the power of your resume.
  • Lastly, consider adding a resume cover letter to make a difference.

So, these were some pieces of advice from experts. Follow these and use our resume samples to create job-winning resumes.

If you have queries, comment below. All problems pertaining to CV/ resume and cover letters will find solutions here. Stay connected

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