Multitasking On Resume: Advantages & Disadvantages

Is the art of multitasking on resume good or bad? Discover the best tips on adding the skill-multitasking on a resume.

multitasking on resume

What Is Multitasking?

Multitasking is the ability to do more than one thing at a time.

Now, this may seem really good, as the one who can do multitasking is considered as an all-rounder. However, every time it is not considered positive and appreciated especially when it comes to jobs.

When you prepare a resume for any job application process, ensure that you do not multitask there. The main reason is that mentioning multitasking on resume reflects the negative traits of the person. There is a lot more to it. So, read on and discover why you should never add multitasking on resume.

Why You Should Avoid The Skills of Multitasking on Resume?

Here are some reasons why you should not add multitasking on a resume.

1. It portrays that you are not focused

The main reason behind this is that when you work for more than one thing at a time, you may not be able to focus your concentration on one aspect.

Thus, it portrays that you try to stand one foot in two boats. Such a person reaches nowhere.

Every company demands those employees who are talented and focussed or specialized in a particular thing. So, it is advisable not to multitask your resume.

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2. Your Quality of work gets affected

Secondly, when you put your hands on everything at once, you tend to lose focus on any task. Thus, wen no task is being focused, then it becomes quite difficult to give the best shot at work.

So, even if you know you can do many things at a time, and you can handle it well, do not mention it in the resume. Instead, it is advisable to show it at work.

3. It might confuse the recruiter

Nobody can deny the fact that multitasking is a virtue. However, mentioning that you are good at handling many things at a single time, actually confuses the reader. He or she may think that if you can do everything then what is that one thing which you can do it in a perfect manner.
So, the best way out is to avoid listing this in your skill section.

4. You are easy-going and accept what comes your way

Not just the readers of your resume but also the interview panel may think that you are not serious in life about what and where you want to settle.

It may even lead them to think that you accept what comes your way without being focused on one particular genre.

5. It can also affect your health

When you multitask, it affects your health too.

According to research, while multitasking there are greater chances of the stress hormones like adrenaline being released. This has negative effects on health in the long term and can also lead to short term memory loss.

So, this is not about resume-writing but also your health. You should not take it for granted. Be on the safer side of the situation, and skip it.

6. Can Lead To A Cascade of Questions in the interview

When you are being interviewed, this skill of yours can invite a number of queries.

There is a possibility that you might get confused about what all you have written and what not.

Interviews are always nerve-racking. Due to anxiety or say nervousness you may forget what you have written in the resume. But if you are focused on just one thing, then, it the situation will not be difficult for you. You will be more confident and also will not get bewildered.

7. Long working hours

Working on many things at a time means longer working hours. It is not necessary that you will complete all the things within the deadline. Although it goes the same with the concept of specialization, the reason bends more towards the former one. Thus, once you are done with one work, you might have another set to accomplish. It is advisable to make your life easier and not complicate it yourself.

8. It may show you are bragging

Although strictly warned against, still a number of candidates love to brag on their resume. Make sure that you do not appear to be one of them.

Moreover, when you write multiple things, you may create an impression of increasing the length of the matter in the resume. This never leads to the interviewer thinking that you are more experienced and knowledgeable than others. Remember that the people examining you are smarter than you.

9. A Lengthy resume can get rejected

Haven’t you noticed this in your day-to-day life that when you get a lengthy message, you opt to ignore it?

Similarly, thing happens with others as well, even if they are professionals.

Whether you are speaking or writing, beating about the bush will not do any good. So, never do that else you may lose the golden chance of getting your dream job.

So, be crisp and highlight only one thing.

Thus, the bottom line is- Whenever you present a resume, put in your best to write crisp matter. Highlight what have you done so far and what you are aiming to do. Your qualifications and experience when quantified work wonders. Highlight the main factor. Let it be short and self-explanatory.

So, above are some points which explain clearly why you should avoid multitasking on resume and adopt for specialization skills in the resume. Of course, we are not saying that multitasking is wrong. Nobody can say that. But surely you should adopt it according to the situation.

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