12 Outshining Teacher Resume Tips

When you have all the years of education, experience, and certifications, don’t let your dream job go to somebody else. Having a promising resume can fight your battle of competition and take you to the top. Just by listing your experience you won’t be able to stand out in the crowd, here we bring to you some best teacher resume tips that will help you write the best teacher resume possible.

Teacher Resume Tips

So, waste no time. Grab the best pieces of advice from resume experts.

Best Teacher Resume Tips To Win Your Dream Job

Check out the 12 teacher resume tips that have won jobs for many candidates. Follow these and create your amazing resume.

1. Add Numbers, numbers, and numbers

The key to a good resume is to quantify as much as possible on your teacher’s resume.

For instance, instead of writing “possess years of experience,” tell the recruiters exactly how many years. Furthermore, rather than writing “five” write “5”.

Quantify your accomplishments.

Here are a few suggestions for writing a teacher resume-

  • The number of students in a class
  • The Number of clubs advised
  • Sports you have coached
  • Workshops attended in a given year.
  • Percentage increase in test scores
  • Other improvements, your contributions expressed in metrics

2. Emphasize your certifications and awards

If you do have them, flaunt them.


This career values certifications and awards.

Therefore, be sure you list what awards you’ve won and any certifications you have.

Especially your State Teacher Certification. It differs from one state to another. So, add the ones that your state requires.

Although experience is valued and most hunted by employers, awards and certifications show excellence and a potentially stand-out teacher.

3. Add specific skills

A good skills section is one of the best resume tips for a teacher.

Ensure that you include relevant skills on your resume.

You must understand that the addition of both hard and soft skills is a must on your resume.

A number of teachers simply list soft skills or those not particularly useful to the job. However, you must focus on job and position-specific skills, such as-

Classroom management
Written and verbal communication
Curriculum development
Expertise in classroom technology and software

Instead of just writing “classroom management” you must write “able to manage a class of up to 40 middle school students while maintaining discipline and a positive learning environment.”

4. List your recent jobs only

If you have up to 5 years’ experience or more, you need to begin listing your work history right from your high school job.

Most of the teachers make the mistake of listing every single job they have ever had. Don’t do this.

You must add your most recent/ current job and then the previous two. If you have worked at a single school for the past 5-6 years or more, you could get away with just listing that position and discussing your accomplishments in that role.

Creating a heap of experiences won’t win you the job. ADD QUALITY.

5. Show your tech-savvy version

In today’s scenario, if you are tech-savvy, you will be valued.

So, even if you aren’t a computer genius, you still need to acknowledge the growing importance of technology in schools.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to talk about teaching every student how to use a computer or software. There is a range of important programs and platforms that make teaching and the educational process more effective.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that just for the sake of adding something related to computers, do not add basics that even a child is good at. Along with the basics – Microsoft Office, social media, search engines, also consider any educational software you have used.

Here are good teacher resume technical skill examples:

  • Blackboard
  • MyEdu
  • Google Scholar
  • Gradekeeper
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google Drive

6. Use action verbs

The best way to leave an impact is to have strong writing.

Strong writing uses action verbs. Even if you aren’t a grammar teacher, you should still be able to make use of strong and clear sentences. Be precise. Do not write stories.

Here are some useful action verbs to use when describing your past teaching job responsibilities:

  • Prepare
  • Mentor
  • Educate
  • Teach
  • Encourage
  • Manage
  • Plan
  • Motivate
  • Create
  • Showcase
  • Develop
  • Instruct
  • Direct
  • Collaborate

7. Attach A Cover Letter To Your Application

Technically one may not take it as a resume tip, but most applications include a cover letter.

It is certainly better to include a cover letter unless you’ve received explicit instructions not to.

Here are some tips for your cover letter:

  • Ensure that it is no more than a page.
  • Customize it to the exact job you’re applying for.
  • In a cover letter, you must be specific and detailed.
  • Address the position and the organization.
  • Use the name of the hiring manager
  • Avoid these common cover letter mistakes.

8. Be Precise

Most of the candidates feel the impulse to give as much detail as possible. Enumerating every responsibility and event of your career is never required nor appreciated.

However, an overly long resume is just as obnoxious as one that is too short.

So, stick to a single-page resume.

You can keep it to two pages maximum if you have 10+ years’ experience. Even in that case, add only the relevant things to your resume. Do not be vague.

Remember, the goal of your resume is quickly and clearly showcase why you’re the best fit for a job. Therefore, anything longer than two pages is neither quick nor clear and is not even read.

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9. Keep your formatting simple and perfect

You must make your resume as cleanly formatted and attractive as possible. For this, stick to a simple font style and font size.

Avoid being too fancy.

Keep the names of organizations and tenure at every job in a bigger font/bolder than the job descriptions.

Your name has to be the biggest thing on the page. Divide things into sections. Check out our free teacher resume templates to make things easier for yourself.

10. Begin With A Resume Template

It is always better to view some resume templates for inspiration. This helps you get an idea of what to include and whatnot in your teaching resume.

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11. Add Teacher Resume Keywords

You must add keywords to your resume. They optimize your document for ATS. Moreover, it gives the employer the impression that you created this resume just for them.

Check out the list of teacher resume keyword, here. 👇👇👇

40+ Keywords for Teacher Resume /CV

For more specific keywords, check out the job advertisement.

12. Proofread To Have Zero Errors

As said above, even if you are not a grammar teacher, you must know that you’ll need perfect grammar no matter what.

Being a teacher, you just can’t afford mistakes on your resume.

So, double-check that your verb, tenses, statements. Make sure the subject-verb agreement makes sense.

There should be zero spelling errors /typos ever.

For more teacher resume tips and samples, check out our links. Our free resources have helped lots of teachers find their dream jobs at the best schools.

We wish you luck with your oncoming job!

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