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It’s common for freshers and entry-level candidates to feel intimidated by writing a resume for a first job. Fortunately, here are the best guidelines that you can follow to prepare Resume perfectly.

prepare Resume for first job

Even beginners can find here the best tips on how to write a resume with little experience. Also, remember that lack of experience is not a dead end. Therefore, you can focus on your education, volunteer jobs, extracurriculars and community activities—all of which can prove you qualified for many entry-level positions.

Here we will explain how to write a resume for the first time along with first resumes templates and sample resume with no work experience college student. So, read to discover the secrete of writing a perfect resume.

Tips to Prepare Resume Format for First Job Without Experience

Scroll down and follow the step by step guide on how to make a resume for first job college student or entry level candidates.

Resume keywords

As there are a large number of applications that employers receive, they don’t necessarily have a lot of time to review each and every resume. Therefore, majority of them prefer using a software called an applicant tracking system (ATS). Usually, an ATS sorts applications based on keywords. Thus, they choose resumes that are best aligned with the requirements of the position. This means that if you make use of the same keywords from the job description in your resume, you increase your chances of getting selected.

To find the right words to include in your resume, start by carefully reviewing the job descriptions that appeal to you. Pay special attention to sections that may be labelled “Key Qualifications,” “Minimum Requirements” or “Job Responsibilities.”

So, before you begin creating a resume, write down these words. Now, reflect on the proven skills and abilities you possess that could fit these requirements. You can incorporate leadership positions you’ve held, skills you have gained in your education, projects you have completed or even social clubs you have contributed to. Even for employers who do not use an ATS, your resume are more likely to get responded positively when it includes the same language and words used in the job posting.

Select the Right Resume Format

There are basically three types of resume formats-

  1. Reverse Chronological Resume Format
  2. Functional Resume format
  3. Combined Resume Format

For details on how and when to use these resume formats, Click Here.

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When you are applying for your first job, select resume format that puts skills and education at or near the top. One good option is a functional resume format for beginners.

Summary for resume with no experience examples

                This optional section is usually placed on the top of a resume. To ensure that it catches attention, recall specific experiences that align with the company’s ideal candidate and place them on your resume. Try to incorporate metrics wherever possible to provide employers with a data-driven view of what all you can bring to their company.

For instance- An Elementary Teacher Summary for Resume

  • A Student-centered teacher with public and private teaching experience that includes inclusive classrooms as well as one-on-one settings.
  • Deeply committed to enhancing student success, progress and learning outcomes.
  • Educational Qualifications include an MS in zoology, teaching certification as well as research training.
  • Creative in adapting instructional strategies to meet unique student requirements. Initiate positive approaches and proactive interventions advancing learner engagement; academic achievement; cognitive learning, and social, behavioral and communication betterment. 
Resume objective

This is an optional section like the previous one. The resume objective, also called a career objective, or objective statement, is a one to two sentences section that summarize your relevant skills. Either this or resume summary is placed in a resume.

One must write a clear, concise resume objective. It must quickly give employers context around where you are in your career as well as what you are looking for, your strengths and experiences that make you a great fit for the job.

Here is an example of objective statements –

Resume Objective for a Banker

“A highly driven recent business studies graduate seeking a full-time position in banking where I can use my knowledge of market analytics to foster your organization improve sales and profitability.”

Click Here for more Resume Objective Examples for various fields.

Section for Skills

Consider structuring your resume in different sections as follows:

  1. Skills and Coursework or relevant experiences
  2. Education and accomplishments
  3. Volunteer work and extracurriculars

When you organize your information this way, your background is highlighted. This gives an employer the opportunity to quickly understand why you’re the best fit for the job.

Though you may not possess professional experience, placing other important activities in a primary position on your resume. This ensures a better chance of moving forward in the hiring process.

Here is an example with emphasis on communication skills:

Skills and Experiences

Livingston Art Museum, Volunteer | Dec 2015 – Dec 2016

  • Proactively assisted visitors in a professional manner
  • Streamlined processes to effectively track and maintain inventory
  • Ensured prompt delivery of incoming mail to recipients
  • Collaborated with peers to compose communications for social media and email on new exhibits

So, check out how these experiences reflect the job seeker’s ability to successfully complete the tasks that will be essential in the role, as well as the traits the employer is hunting for.

Also, make sure that while listing skills on your resume, you include both soft and hard skills.

Soft skills

These are intangible personality traits. Often difficult to teach but soft skills are of great value. Some examples of soft skills are-

  • Effective communication skills
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Communication Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to work under pressure
Technical or “hard” skills

These depend largely on the field you are planning to enter. So, scan the job description for clues on what the employer requires.

Examples of Technical skills-

  • Knowledge of specific programming languages
  • Speaking a foreign language
  • Software
  • Technical Repair
  • Ability to conduct research on Internet
  • Operating a Machinery or equipment
Relevant education and certificates

On a beginner’s resume, the education section may be of more importance to the employer than other experiences.

Your field of study, degrees, concentrations, coursework and sometimes GPA can help provide context around the value you might bring to the company.

In this section, you may want to include:

  • Relevant coursework
  • Academic achievements
  • Overall GPA (include only if is a 3.5 or higher)
Volunteer work and extracurriculars

Highlighting some extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences help add context to value you will bring as an employee. Furthermore, these activities provide a real-world experience that is valuable to employers. Also, one develops a variety of both soft and hard skills in these activities. Thus, you prepare resume that catches attention.

Research the Company

Researching the organization, you are applying to can be helpful in deciding what information about your experience and education background to include before you prepare resume. Often some companies value a holistic approach to displaying your skills, experiences, education, and certificates while others prefer applicants only list whatever is directly relevant to the post.

Include a customized cover letter

Although it is not always required, a cover letter can be especially helpful for employers when applying to your first job. A well-written cover letter demonstrates that you have put significant effort into preparing your application. Also, it gives you extra space to describe your qualifications for the role.

Use your cover letter to elaborate on your experiences and how they helped shape the soft and technical skills. Do not restate your resume. Also, add something relevant and new which focuses less on self-promotion and more on what you can bring to the company. Make sure it aligns with their missions and objectives.

So, prepare Resume Cover letter of a page and make sure it contains around 300 words.

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Download Free Resume Formats for Graduates and Undergraduates

Here are some teenage resume template as well as sample resume for fresh graduate without work experience. Also, you can download these for free

Internship Resume for Administrative law intern
Creative Resume sample for Graduation Student- Undergrad
High school student resume
Post Graduate Student Resume

Every professional has made a resume for their first job. Therefore, recruiters expect and are accustomed to reviewing entry-level resumes. Thus, drawing attention to the right accomplishments and valuable traits will help you stand out among the competition. Follow these tips and prepare resume for your first job.

Do share your thoughts and queries in the comment section. We look forward to your questions.

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