6 Amazing Elementary/ Primary School Teacher Resume Formats

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A variety of Primary School Teacher job positions welcome you. However, they won’t just hand them to you. Crafting a professional Primary School Teacher resume that is eye-catching is paramount to getting the job. Here we bring to you the best elementary school teacher resumes that will help you stand out from the competition.

Best 6 Eye-catching Primary School Teacher Resume Formats

well, if you are looking for primary school teaching jobs, select one resume format from here. Click on the download button to download the Word Format for free!

P.S.- Do not forget to read our quick tips for primary school teacher resume writing.

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Quick Tips for Writing Primary School Teacher Resume

Scroll down for some tips for writing the best resume for a primary school teacher. Incorporate these in your resume. You are sure to clear any interview.

It becomes challenging to get the employer’s attention to your resume. Here are ways to tweak it. These simple suggestions can make to help your resume stand out from the crowd of resumes.

1.What should be included in a Primary School Teacher Resume?

Here is a list of sections that must be included in your resume for a primary/ elementary teacher position.

  • Full name and Contact Details
  • Personal Profile/Objective
  • Qualifications/Core Competencies
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Skills
  • Other sections like-
    • Volunteer Experience
    • Internship Experience
    • Leadership Experience
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Languages Known
    • Hobbies and Interests

To get detailed advice on each of the above-mentioned sections, Click Here>>> How to Prepare the Best Resume Format for Teacher?

2. What is an Ideal Teacher Resume?

An ideal resume is –

  • Spell Checked – a teacher must know how to spell. So, you must take the time to proofread your resume. Closely checkout each and every line. We also recommend reading aloud your resume. Or ask a friend/family member for feedback.
  • Formatting – this may take some extra time but it is definitely worth it. Therefore, take the time to ensure that your resume looks professional. However, if you choose a template sample from above, you need not worry about this. Also, check out our websites for more free templates.
  • How long Should A resume for a Teacher be? – an ideal resume is one-paged. However, a teacher resume should not exceed 2 pages.
  • Straightforward – Make Use of bullet points to make it easier for the recruiter/employer to read. Furthermore, carefully choose the color scheme, font, and easy to understand layout. This again is already set in your above resume templates and samples.
  • Relevant– An ideal resume has all the detail relevant to the position you are applying for. Avoid getting too personal or amusing.

Avoid These 20 Resume Mistakes in your Resume/ CV

3. What skills should a teacher list on a resume?

Teaching children of young age is a skill in itself. It requires a number of other skills. Including many soft skills. So, make sure that you incorporate the right skills in your teacher resume.

Here are some key skills among the many required skills for a teaching position-

Creative Lesson Planning            
Instructional Best Practices
Experiential Learning
Classroom Management
Technology Skills- MS Office, Web Designing, Grade Keeper, Proficient in Classroom technology
Standardized Testing
Demonstrated sound work ethics.
Ability to listen to children and parents.

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4.What is the objective in a resume for a teacher?

Objective Statements or Summary Statements put across your first impression, so carefully draft them. Do read our tips to write objective statements for creating a perfect one. Here are a few examples of primary school teacher resume.

Objective Statements For Teacher Resumes


“Seeking an entry-level primary school teacher position while pursuing a graduate degree. Enthusiastic about applying my passion for teaching children that includes classroom experience gained through volunteer experience.”


” A self-motivated teacher determined to help students fully utilize the educational opportunities available to them. Strong education background and efficiency to work beyond normal working hours enables me to deal with students and achieve success ”

5. Tips to make your Teacher Resume Stand out

Here are 6 tips when implemented can add value to your teacher resume.

  1. First of all, choose a unique design that is creative and not boring.
  2. Ensure that you incorporate the specific skills mentioned in the job advertisement. These act as keywords and immediately catch attention.
  3. Research about the school and its main projects. Do, while writing your resume, keep your audience in mind.
  4. Make use of specific metrics/statistics wherever possible.
  5. Try to show through your work who you are, rather than telling who you are.
  6. Attach a cover letter. However, do not restate your resume in the cover letter. Add something relevant yet new.

So, these were some pieces of expert advice that will help you create a unique resume. Things get a lot easier with templates. Why create a resume from scratch when there is so much help available already. So, grab your favorite sample and customize it.

Wish you luck for your job!

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