Best Psychiatrist Resume Sample

When applying for medical jobs, take special care that you add the relevant details. Choose a format that allows you to include more information, including professional accomplishments and academic field reports. An employer views your application material to decide whether he should call you for the next round or not. So, it’s critical to hand in polished psychiatrist resume.

Psychiatrist Resume

Psychiatrist Resume Sample

Here we bring to you best psychiatrist resume examples. Choose the most suitable format sample. You can download it for free by clicking on the download button. Also, check out the tips and guidelines below.

Psychiatrist Resume Sample

Psychiatrist Resume- Simple Text Format

Here is the resume in simple text format.


15/54, Main Square, Albany, NY. (111) 111 1111


Certified psychiatrist with 6+ years of experience in effectively treating patients with a wide range of conditions, including major depressions, PTSD, and generalized anxiety, with a specialization in obsessive disorder. Dedicated to treating the patient as a whole, through medications, active listening, and recommending counseling program.


  • Maintain a friendly attitude while providing emotional support to patients and family members.
  • Utilize reasoning and logic to make life-saving or life-changing decisions.
  • Strong background in zoology to understand various physiological and anatomical functions.
  • In-depth knowledge of psychology and conduct research to match fast-paced environments.
  • Detailed business practices, possess NYS licenses and certifications.
  • Adept in FifthWalk BillingTracker Pro, MEDITECH Behavioral Health Clinicals.
  • Ability to read nonverbal cues that help understand patients’ emotions


Medicare Assoc., Albany, NY.                             (August 2013 to present) -Meet patients individually at a private practice. Have treated over 25 depression patients with 100% success.
-Create individual care plans for every patient by a thorough evaluation of patient data and diagnostic testing.
-Prescribe psychotherapeutic medications for the treatment of a variety of mental and emotional disorders.
-Communicate with other professional doctors in the patient’s circle of care, such as physicians, social workers, and psychologists, to achieve collaborative treatment approaches.


Doctor of Medicine 2013
Bachelor of Science in Zoology- 2009 (St. Lawrence University, Albany, NY.)
New York State Board License


Available upon request.

Some Resume Cover Letter Templates

Before we move on let us discover some important facts about a psychiatrist.

What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Psychiatrists help patients’ mental, emotional, and behavioral health. They diagnose, treat, and monitor mental health conditions.

A Psychiatrist often works in conjunction with a patient’s primary care physician, therapist, social worker, or other medical professionals in order to provide comprehensive care.

How is a psychiatrist different from a psychologist?

While psychologists and therapists provide counseling services but do not write prescriptions, a psychiatrist has a medical background to provide this type of care.

So, being a psychiatrist one needs to be extremely astute while listening to and observing patients. Furthermore, he or she must ask pertinent questions. On the basis of intuitive observations, and evaluation, they prescribe medications.

Now keeping all of these above-mentioned duties in mind, you must create your resume.

How to become a psychiatrist?

Just like any other doctor, a psychiatrist must follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Your undergraduate courses might include – biology, chemistry, maths, and physics to meet medical school admissions requirements.

Step 2: Pursue a Medical Degree from a medical college.

Step 3: Next you have to complete a Residency.

Step 4: On completion of residency you obtain a License.

Step 5: Finally, become Board Certified.

This procedure is a must for any psychiatrist.

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Tips for Writing a Psychiatrist Resume

Here are some best tips to create your psychiatrist resume. Follow these to land your dream job.

1.Do some research

Firstly, you must carry out some research. Find out about the organization/hospital and the position you are applying for. Know their goals. Now keeping your audience in mind, create your resume accordingly.

2. Scan the job posting/ description for Keywords

Resume keywords multiply your chances of selection. They optimize your document for ATS. So, any particular qualification or skill that employers have mentioned in the job description/posting, incorporate the same in your resume.

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3. Write an Eye-catching Psychiatrist resume objective

Emphasize what you can bring to the organization as well as the position. State how you will prove to be a gem for them. Make use of action verbs, keywords, and skills. Create a resume summary/objective that hooks the reader.

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4. Create a perfect Experience Section

Your resume experience section should be broken down into several bullet points. Follow the PAR rule- problem, Action, and Result. Here you state a problem, next comes the action you took to resolve it and then the final result. This way your bullet points appear more organized and give substantial detail. Do not add more than 5 points under each job position. Adding too many may spoil the effect. Use numbers and statistics wherever possible. These make your resume stand out from the rest.

5. Consider adding extra sections to make a difference

Sections like volunteer experience, awards, honors, licenses, extra-curricular, attract employers attention. They make your resume different from others. Therefore, add them in your resume and make a difference. Review resume samples above for a better understanding.

It is certainly a better option to consider adding a cover letter to your resume. A cover letter must also be tailored to the job you are applying for. Although cover letters are not scanned by ATS, you must add keywords them.

Dos and Don’ts for Psychiatrist Resume

Here are some dos and don’ts to make a perfect job-winning psychiatrist Resume/CV:


– Use first-person verb tenses. For instance- “meet” instead of “meets.”
– View your document in a PDF format. This helps in checking the format.
– Include a mix of personal skills, soft skills, job-related skills, as well as digital competence.
– You may add professional designations such as RN, MD, and MSW.
– Double-check your email address.
– Create a professional email address if you don’t have one instead of using an unprofessional address.


– Do not mention why you left your previous positions.
– Avoid including political or religious details.
– Do not state your marital status.
– Don’t list employment earlier than 10 years prior. However, if you lack enough work experience, you may include it but not your dates of employment.
– Avoid listing your GPA. Unless you are a recent graduate, you shouldn’t. It is better to list distinctions like “summa cum laude” and “magna cum laude.” 

Follow the tips above. Use the sample as a template. Create a resume that wins you your dream job.

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