Resume Dos and Don’ts That You Must Follow

Wish to impress your potential employer through your resume, make sure you follow the experts’ advice given below. Check out some resume dos and don’ts and follow them.

resume dos and don'ts

Every new job opening attracts 200-250 resumes on an average. Out of those 250 applicants, only two percent are called for an interview. So, as you can see, your job applications will face some pretty tough competition. Therefore, you need a stellar resume to stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Resume Dos and Don’ts

Although a resume is a comparatively brief document, it can be incredibly difficult to write. It is not that easy to present the best version of your experience and skills in a page or two. Check out some resume dos and don’ts.

Your aim should be to make it both original and professional-looking. Remember that employers spend six seconds looking at a resume. So, in this short span of time, you have to grab your employers attention, hook them to reading your resume and calling you in for an interview.

Resume Dos

There is much more to consider than just listing your academic and professional history and checking for typos. Read on and discover what all is a must on a resume.

  1. Do Tailor Your Resume- You must intend to write a resume for this particular job as if no other jobs exist. Add the company’s name, identify relevant resume keywords, address the requirements of the company and so on. Customizing your resume is a must.
  2. Use a Resume Outline- You must use a resume outline so that you can plan what all sections you’ll include and where you will add what.
  3. Add Resume action verbs- These action verbs add a confident tone to your resume. Check out 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include
  4. Choose the right Resume format- You must always make sure that you choose the right resume format. Select one that fits your experience, education, and skills.
  5. Double- Check your Contact Information- You must check your contact information. Often you fail to get an invitation for an interview due to faulty contact information.

While writing your resume introduction, make that you keep in mind the following key points.

6. Include Quantified Achievements– Addition of quantified achievements in the very beginning of your resume gives a perfect understanding of your capabilities. Therefore, instead of mention your key roles, try to add a few accomplishments.
7. Do add Relevant Skills- Skills are a must on your resume. However, ensure that you add the skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for and especially those mentioned by the hiring company in their job ad.
8. Add no more than 5 lines- A summary statement of 3-5 lines is more than enough. You need not add paragraphs there.

8. Do format Your Resume For ATSApplicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by all MNCs. All efforts and qualification get neglected if your resume is not fit for ATS. So, follow the link and create an ATS-friendly resume.

9. Attach a Cover Letter -Never miss out on cover letter. It is always a bonus for your application. You get some extra space to add details that you couldn’t on your single-page resume.

Resume Don’ts

Resume dos and don’ts play a key role in your job success.
Never commit the mistake of doing the following n your resume.

  1. Don’t make it too long- Never fall into the trap of thinking that a single-page resume will impress when it is stretched to 2-3 pages.
  2. Do not try to be funny– Some candidates try to funny bu including amusing stuff on their resume. Never do that.
  3. Never use weird fonts and color schemes– These are a big no in resume writing. An attempt of such a kind only irritates the reader and gets your resume tossed to the rejected pile.
  4. Don’t write a vague introduction- A start with a generalized summary ruins the effect. No one like to read an outlandish pipe dream.
  5. Refrain From Heavy Formatting– While a generic, boring resume style isn’t necessarily the best pick, you should definitely refrain from choosing any crazy formatting tools from your text processing program. By this, we refer to the usage of fancy font styles, graphics or design. Check out some resume samples online to get a better understanding of different styles. Choose the one you like the most. You can download it for free and customize your resume.
  6. Don’t Make it Too long– You must keep in mind that employers are believed to spend only 6 seconds per resume on an average. So, a lengthy resume will have more chances of getting neglected or important information being missed out.
  7. Don’t use the passive voice and first-person pronouns- Well, try and stick to active voice and skip the personal pronouns. They sound unengaging and unprofessional.

So, follow these resume Dos and Don’ts and create job-winning resumes. We wish you luck with your oncoming interview!

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