How To Make Best Resume for Bank Job Fresher? – 7 Steps

resume for bank job fresher

Competition in the banking sector has increased exponentially over the years. Where there are well-qualified professionals, freshers stand in the same queue as well! Therefore, in the initial step, a resume is the key to getting shortlisted. Here we bring to you the best ideas to make a resume for bank job fresher.

So, scroll down and discover that you can bag any bank job following these simple yet innovative resume ideas.

Steps to Make Best Resume For Bank Job Fresher

Here are the 7 steps to create a perfect resume for bank job fresher. Follow these to create a perfect job winning resume.

Step-1 How to Choose Resume Format For Bank Job Fresher?

Selecting the right format is the key to writing a good resume. A resume format decides your display of items. What you put first and what last is really important in resume writing.

So, basically we have three basic formats

  • Reverse Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination Resume

For a detailed guide on each of these resume formats, when to use them and when not, Click Here- Best Free Resume pdf Format Download

However, we suggest a Functional Resume Format for freshers in the banking sector.

Step-2 What is a good objective for a banking resume?
Resume Summary

Firstly, one must decide on what he has to include- Objective or Summary.

A resume objective is better for freshers than a summary because you do not have much experience. However, if you do possess relevant volunteer experience or internships, that opt for resume summary.

Resume Objective Statements

Here are some tips to write a good resume objective.

  • Mention the following-
    • The position you are applying for
    • Name of the company
    • Skills as well as experiences that are directly relevant to the job.
    • Most importantly, include keywords from the job listing in your resume objective.  This increase the chances of your resume getting shortlisted by a company’s applicant tracking system. Furthermore, it can also emphasize that your qualifications align with the job listing.
    • Lastly, emphasize how you want to grow within the company as well as foster the company’s progress. Thus, you explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job.
  • Customize your objective.

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Example-1 Bank Teller Resume Objective No Experience

A motivated professional individual seeking a bank teller position with XYZ Bank, offering quality customer service while utilizing excellent math and communication skills.

Resume Summary

A resume summary is different from resume objective. Rather than telling what you can do or your career goals, here you emphasize on what you have accomplished in the past. This self explanatory. It tells that potential employer what you are capable of doing.

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Example-2 Resume Summary of A Bank Teller With No Experience

-Bank Teller with 2 years of volunteer experience in the banking sector.
-Provided excellent customer service to daily customers.
-Ability to handle branch functions with 250 staff members.
– Adept in all day to day operations at a bank.
– Delivered very high employee satisfaction in the volunteer job.
– Trustworthy, efficient in finance skills.
– An outstanding aptitude of keeping a record of all the required documents.
– Expert in knowledge of all the basic software in banking.

Step-3 How to write education section in your resume?

The education section should list the institutions you have attended, the degrees you have received, your GPA, and any awards that you have won.

  • Freshers can include high school education. If you have higher degrees, drop high school.
  • If your college GPA is not very impressive, you can include with it your major specific GPA or junior and senior year GPA. If these are much higher, it will imply that you improved considerably over time.

Ensure that you include relevant things while mentioning awards. For instance- your dancing perfection has nothing to do with banking.

Step-4 What should be the experience in resume for freshers?

Well, if you think that freshers have an empty experience section, you are mistaken.

There is a lot to write in this section.

  • You can include-
    • internships
    • volunteer experiences
    • leadership experiences

Surveys suggest that employers take these into account while shortlisting candidates. Often a well written related experience section has weight over professional experience.

  • In these sections include your key roles and accomplishments.
  • Highlight how you brought a betterment for those whom you worked for.
  • Make use of statistics and a few numbers.

Step-5 What skill should I put on my resume?

Your skills are the most important feature in your first banking resume with no work experience. Ensure that you include the relevant skills. Therefore, incorporate those that match the job position you are applying for.

  • Include keywords that are mentioned in the job advertisement.
  • Include both soft and hard skills.
  • Add some technical skills. Employers hunt for tech-savvy people even in non-technical job positions and banking job has a lot of technicalities required.

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Step-6 What other Sections can on be Your resume for bank job Fresher?

While writing a resume for bank job fresher, try to think beyond the normal. Be creative. Every field loves to hire innovative people.

You can add other sections on your resume such as-

Volunteer Work: Having a volunteer experience is great. It adds to the experience on your resume.

Certifications: If you havepassed any workplace certification at school or through a career, it can definitely be useful in your first job.

Hobbies & Interests: Although an optional section, it could help to showcase your personality.

Languages: Knowledge of another language is great for job seekers. Don’t forget to mention this in your first resume.

Awards & Commendations: These make you proud and sound perfect to put on any resume.

Step-7 Formatting And Proofreading

Lastly, formatting your resume for bank job fresher. Here are some steps that will make your banking resume stand out.

This is worth considering. A resume with all the necessary info when not formatted ideally loses its chance of selection.

  • So, use a conservative font. Good fonts to use for your resume include-
    • Times New Roman,
    • Courier New, or
    • Verdana.
  • Avoid running sentences. Err on the side of conservatism here. Write in complete sentences. Avoid comma splices.
  • Meticulously proofread the text. Check out for spelling and grammatical errors.

Sample Resume for Bank Job Fresher

resume for bank job fresher

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