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how to write a perfect resume introduction

The beginnings make that first impression. They can either get your resume to the ‘selected’ pile or the ‘rejected pile’. So, resume introduction needs your extra attention.

Do not worry.

Here we bring to some tips guidelines on how to write various types of resume introductions. Check out the resume introduction examples as well as tips below.

You can use the statements in your resume. However, do not miss out the tips that will help you create a targeted resume introduction.

Different Types of Resume Introduction with Examples

Your name and contact details are usually followed by the resume introduction. These may be-

  1. Career Objective/ Objective Statement
  2. Resume Summary/Summary Statement/Career Summary/Resume Profile/ Professional Profile
  3. Resume Headlines/ Resume Title

Here we bring to you resume introduction examples that will clear all doubts and help you choose the best one for yourself.

Resume Objective Statements

Here is all information about the resume objective statement. Do check out the resume introduction examples for a clearer understanding.


A resume objective statement is also known as a career objective. It is a statement of your future goals for employment. Just like any other introductory line, it occupies the topmost position on your resume.

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A resume objective is one or two statements long.

When to use an objective statement?

Some career experts suggest that resume objectives are outdated. However, this partly true. Resume objectives certainly do not turn out to be the best of introductions for experienced candidates but there are times when a resume objective can be very useful.
So, whenever you want to highlight your ambitions or what you want in a career, you could benefit from a resume objective.

Best Suited for-

  • Freshers, graduates, high school students
  • Entry-level candidates
  • Career changers.
  • Anyone who lacks experience

Resume Introduction Examples- Objective Statements

  • Seeking a position at ABC Company where I can utilize my 10+ years of management experience, quality assurance, and program development.
  • Customer service representative seeking an opportunity to use my communication and management skills to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Primary school teacher looking for a position at ABC school, where I can apply my 3+ years of teaching experience and curriculum development skills.

Resume Summary

Here is all that you wish to know about resume summary statements.


A resume summary is also referred to as an executive summary/ Summary Statement/Career Summary/Resume Profile/ Professional Profile.

A resume introduction paragraph or bullet points that primarily focus on and compare the track record of success that candidates have developed in similar roles. It demonstrates why you are an ideal candidate for a specific job and organization.


It is a few statements long. It can reach a maximum of 5-6 sentences. It is your choice to present it in the form of paragraph or bullet points.

When to use a resume summary?

When you have the relevant strengths, skillset, and core competencies that make you unique and in particular, demonstrate how you would add value to the company, choose a summary statement.

Best Suited for-

  • Candidates at upper-level positions or experience holders.
  • Those with relevant skills and accomplishments.

Resume Introduction Examples- Summary Statement

  • Certified psychiatrist with 6+ years of experience in effectively treating patients with a wide range of conditions, including major depressions, PTSD, and generalized anxiety, with a specialization in obsessive disorder. Dedicated to treating the patient as a whole, through medications, active listening, and recommending counseling program.
  • 10+ years of sales management experience within the consumer products industry. Supervise the sales teams to unprecedented year-over-year gains.
    • Increased sales by 20% in the northeast region through the active implementation of sales incentives and creative vendor partnerships.
    • Hired and trained an award-winning sales team that led to profits at 10% above the company’s average.
    • Conducted customer satisfaction surveys to grasp the requirements and thus recommended product enhancements.

Resume Headlines


It is also known as resume title. Resume headline is a brief phrase that highlights your value as a candidate. So, it allows a recruiter to see quickly and concisely what makes you the right person for the job.

Most importantly, every word is Capitalize in a headline so that it looks like a title to your resume. Moreover, this is helpful in making your headline stand out.


A single phrase/statement.

When to use a resume headline?

When you are a candidate with a lot of experience, go for a headline. A resume headline perfectly allows you to condense your skills as well as work experience. Thus, a brief-phrase like this one quickly impresses the hiring manager. However, a candidate with less experience can also use headlines. There they can highlight personal attributes and skills.

Best Suited for-

  • Applicants with extensive experience and renowned in their field.

Resume Introduction Examples- Headlines

  • Army Veteran Awarded for Strong Work Ethic and Determination
  • Bilingual Hostess with Experience in Bartending and Food Service
  • Goal-Oriented Senior Accounts Manager with Five Years of Accounting Experience.

Comparison Between Various Resume Introductions

The following chart compares the various introduction used commonly in resumes.

Resume HeadlineResume ObjectiveResume Summary
DefinitionA brief phrase that highlights your value as a candidate. 1 -2 statements that aim at the
the position you are seeking as well as your goals.
A small paragraph or series of bulleted points that highlight your value as a candidate.
LengthA single line.1-2 lines.4-5 lines.
Suitable for Candidates with a lot of experienceEntry-level candidates or freshers.Experienced individuals.

Quick Tips for Writing Resume Introductions

Here are some quick tips that you must follow while writing any of the above-mentioned resume introductions.

  1. Incorporate your core strengths and skill sets that are relevant to the role.
  2. Add some past relevant experience with a few key functions.
  3. Include notable accomplishments that you intend to repeat in the oncoming role.
  4. Increase the persuasive power of your resume introduction by using percentages, sales figures, or numbers to quantify professional achievements.
  5. Scan the job advertisement and use resume keywords from the ad in your resume.
  6. Avoid clich├ęs that recruiters probably see on every resume. Be unique to stand out from the crowd.
  7. Write a new introduction for every job. The time taken to create a targeted introduction pays off by enhancing your chances of selection.
  8. Keep it crisp and concise.

So, follow the above guidelines and tips. Create your resume introduction that hooks the reader, compels him to read further, and gets you the interview.

We wish you luck with your job serach and oncoming job!

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