Best Special Education Teacher Resume

Are you planning to apply for a special education teacher job? Kudos! But do you know how to write a good special education teacher resume? When you emphasize the right things in your resume, it helps you win a job interview.

Your skills, education, and certifications matter on your resume. In addition to this, a teacher’s professional classroom experience is important. However, the mere inclusion of these cannot guarantee success.

special education teacher resume

Read on to discover what all you must include. Do not leave any stone unturned in your career path. When you are qualified, do not let a weak resume hold you back from winning a job.

The following guide and sample resume below will enhance your selection chances.

Who is A Special Education Teacher?

Before we begin teacher resume writing, it is really important to acknowledge what all a special education teacher does.

Special education teachers work with a vast range of students with varied mental, emotional, learning, and physical disabilities. These teachers play a major role in fostering learning and growth in students with mild and moderate disabilities. Teaching basic skills, imparting literacy and communication techniques, are some major roles of a special education teacher. In addition to this, handing children with care and sensitivity is a pre-requisite of a special education teacher.

Major Roles of Special Education Teachers

A Special education teacher performs the following tasks:

  • The prime role is to assess their students’ skills and determine their needs.
  • They must devise and implement Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for each and every student.
  • Assess students’ performance and track of their progressive development.
  • Discuss matters and Supervise assistant teachers. Moreover, conduct parent-teacher meetings.

Now keeping all the above-mentioned roles in mind, we will move on to creating a perfect job-winning resume.

Steps to Write A Good Special Education Teacher Resume

Here we have given below a step by step guide on how to write a special education teacher resume. Follow these steps to create a perfect one yourself. Also, review the sample special education teacher resume.

1. Writing A Stellar Resume Summary

summary statement usually written towards the top of your resume is a good start. In this section, you can briefly summarize your teaching capabilities. Furthermore, highlight the qualities that make you a great special education teacher.

It is completely your choice to choose a resume summary or objective statement. However, a number of employers consider objectives to be outdated.

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We suggest you avoid the title- Objective. Instead opt for a resume summary, about me, or professional summary.

Use keywords from the job posting. Quantify.

2. Education and Certifications.

A job position in a school requires specific degrees and certifications. So, before you begin writing, scan the job description for requirements. Use the same terms from the special education teacher job description in your CV/ resume. These terms act as keywords.

While writing a teacher resume, place the education section towards the top area. It catches the attention of the employer.

Special Education Teacher Certifications/Licences

A special education teacher needs to have a state license in order to teach in public schools. On the other hand, a private school is not that strict in terms of certifications.

Special Education Teacher Degree /Courses

The teachers must have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. A specialization in special education is usually expected. It enhances your chances of selection.

Therefore, to apply for this job a teacher must possess-

  • a focused special education degree.
  • Some volunteer or internship experience in special education teaching.
  • a teaching license.

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3. Highlight Your Teaching Experiences

Every employer looks forward to this section. Ensure that you frame it well. Highlight your relevant teaching experience in a special education background.

If you are an entry-level candidate or a fresher with limited teaching experience, include internships, volunteer work, as well as extra-curricular activities.

Add achievements instead of job duties

While writing your experience section follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

-Instead of simply stating your duties, list achievements.
-Ensure that your accomplishments are in the form of bullet points.
-Follow the PAR trickProblem > Action > Result. Here you first state at least one problem that you came across, your action to the problem and the final result. Quantify wherever possible. Quantification enhances your resume power. Moreover, they give a clearer idea to the employer.

4. Top Skills for Special Education Teacher Resume

Teaching job in needs skills. A special education teacher needs some additional skills as well. They add on to the beauty of your document. Furthermore, skills give an insight to your personality.

Given below are some good skills to mention in your special education teacher resume.

Communication skills.
These are a must. Special education teachers with good communication skills are a gem. Using these skills they are able to discuss students’ needs and performances. Moreover, explaining new terms to students with varied disabilities and difficult concepts is certainly better for a good communicator.

Interpersonal skills. 
Working with a team of assistant teachers, staff, and management requires sound interpersonal skills. Teamwork and flexibility help build positive working relationships.

Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. 
A Special education teacher should be adept in assessing his/her students’ progress. They must be able to use that information and plan lessons accordingly. Furthermore, solving students’ problems effectively is a blessing.

Patience helps understand students with special needs and varied abilities. Although it is challenging, a patient special education teacher can easily handle responsibilities.

5. Tailor your resume

A general resume with vague information and the one that is used for all job applications is certainly not a good option. You must customize each resume to fit the specific job position as well as the school. Ensure that you add keywords from the job posting.
This makes your resume fit for ATS.

Attaching a tailored cover letter enhances your resume outlook as well.

So, follow the above tips and create your job-winning resume. Do share your thoughts below.

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