Stay At Home Mom Resume Writing

Took a gap from work to look after your child? Fair enough.
Now that your children are getting older and are in school full-time, you might plan about returning to the workforce. You can return to your former career or perhaps your interests and values have changed. Whatever you decide on, you will require a resume that covers up your past and makes you outshine.
Grab the best tips on how to write a stay at home mom resume. Check out our sample resume.

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Stay At Home Mom Resume Sample

Here is a stay at home mom resume sample that you can use as a reference for your resume. Ensure that you customize your resume and add what suits your industry.

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A dedicated English teacher and translator with 6+ years of professional experience. Possess a proven record of preparing mid-schoolers for language certificates, with average scores of over 80%. Seeking to leverage my superb communication and organization skills as an English teacher at ABC.

June 2017- Present
Spent 2 years parenting a baby daughter. Now, eager to return to pursuing a full-time career. In that time:
-Tutored a batch of 25 middle school students.
-Dealt with English Literature and Language.
-Ensured that every child practiced correct grammar.
-Increased their test scores by 20% on average.
-Worked as a freelancer on

April 2013-June 2017
English Teacher At Emma Thompson School, NY.
-Taught English to classes 7th and 8th.
-Planned curriculum and ensured effective learning.
-Adopted various classroom software such as Gradekeeper.

M.A., History, University of Los Angles, 2015
Dissertation: “The role of the Christian churches in World War II in Europe”
Doctoral Advisor: Jacob Rodriguez
B.A., English, State College, 2011

Key Skills
– Languages known:
English: Native Language
Spanish: Advanced Reading and Writing
French: Fluent Speaker
Microsoft Office
-Social Media Handling
-WordPress, Google Analytics

Guidelines To Stay At Home Mom Resume Writing

A break from work is never a dead end. Nor it is looked down by employers if you be wise enough.

Learn the skill to highlight what you have developed during your time away from the workforce and add those skills that are in demand in today’s workplace!

Assuming it has been a while since you have written a resume and plunged into job search, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

A quick search on Google for “how to write a resume” yields 144,000 results. Now this may leave you confused about what is valid information?
Here are some best tips on what to include on your stay at home mom resume.

1) Never try doing “a one-size-fits-all resume”

Never should you adopt the habbit of creating that one resume and then using it for every application.
Customizing your resume is a must. You must target it to the position.

For this, use the job advertisement as your guide. Pull out the keywords and skills. Add these to your resume.

Otherwise, your resume can get lost and overlooked by applicant tracking systems.

Although, it might sound like a lot of work, but the time spent is worth it. Editing your resume for each job you apply to, is critical. Else your application will not catch your reader’s attention.

2) Identify the skills you gained while yu were away from workforce

Life has innumerable teaching experiences. Parenting is none less. Everyone has something to offer and every experience is marketable.

All that matters is how you present it.

Being a stay at home mother, you didn’t necessarily get a paycheck every month, but that doesn’t make your experience any less valuable.

You have accomplished one of the greatest tasks. Being a stay at home parent is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. The best part is that the skills you gained are incredibly transferrable.

Some of the skills include multi-tasking, communication, persuading, organizational skills, listening, research, managing people, collaboration, and the ultimate mom skill – negotiation. And your list does not stop there.

You must consider all aspects of your life. For instance– organizing schedules, managing a household, dealing with finances, volunteering for your school, volunteering for your church, being a member of some board, involvement in your community, any coaching, etc.

Question yourself and create a list.

3) Address the gap on your resume

A resume that silently tries to hide away a gap in employment can be a red flag for a recruiter. Therefore, it is a must to include employment dates.

Mostly candidates create a resume that contains information about the job(s) you had prior to raising your kids. However, you must treat your experience as a stay at home mom as a position you held.

Try to give it a title, include dates, and outline the activities in bullet points, add skills, and accomplishments you acquired during this time.

Having said that, you must avoid tongue-in-cheek titles such as “Chef,” “Housekeeper” “Domestic Engineer,” “Chauffeur,”etc.

It is true you have done all these roles but adding them as your job title on your resume will do you a disservice. Moreover, you won’t be taken seriously.

4) Add Things that add value

When you compile all the content for your resume, a couple of things to keep in the back of your mind are, “If this adds value for your reader?

“Does it in any way demonstrate your skills and accomplishments for the position you am applying to?”

So, be careful do not just add things for the sake of increasing the bulk of matter. Rebiew the stay at home mom resume sample above. If you have any queries, comment below.

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