15 Teaching Resume Samples

Hunting for a teaching job? Check out the free teaching resume samples below. Do follow the tips for writing a teaching resume perfectly.

You can also download our free samples and customize them.

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Teaching Resume Format Samples

Here we bring to you some best teaching resume samples that are free to access. Check out teaching resume for freshers as well as for experienced candidates.

(To download the file, click on the link in the caption of the image.)

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How To Write A Teacher Resume

Here we have the complete set of steps to write a teaching resume. So, read on and create a perfect resume for yourself.

1. Which Resume Format is the Best for a Teacher?

There are various kinds of teaching jobs. You could be a high-school teacher or an assistant teacher. You could teach a particular subject or you can teach all in some junior class.

That is why every teacher’s resume is different.

Basically, there are three main types of resume formats:

We suggest using the reverse-chronological resume format. It is the most traditional format and will keep your teacher resume clean and organized. Moreover, it is the recruiters’ favorite.

You can also use a combination format. It allows you to use your skills as subheadings in your experience section.

You can also get a little creative with the more traditional formats by including extra sections. Try our resume templates above and win your dream job.

However, don’t hesitate to make adjustments to suit your needs.

You must opt for traditional fonts and sizing. Readability is the key to a good resume. So, stay away from Comic Sans or other elaborate and fancy fonts that might give you an unprofessional and messy look.

You must keep in mind that an average recruiter spends a few seconds scanning your teaching resume. So, make it easy for them to discover what they need!

2. Contact Information Is important

Telling you to be careful about contact information may seem like an obvious monotonous statement.

But most of the times you can forget to update or add information. This may cost you the job.

So, firstly, check for typos or misspellings. These can hinder a recruiter’s ability to contact you. Avoid adding important information to the header. Some ATS systems fail to read headers.

Secondly, make your name prominent.

Lastly, never add that unprofessional, silly email addresses.

Another way to make your contact information eye-catching is to add your LinkedIn handle.

The addition of social media handles to your teaching resume shows you can keep up with trends. Moreover, a number of employers feel they need more than a resume to shortlist a candidate for certain position.

On LinkedIn, your profile must feature:

  • Skill Endorsements
  • A Professional Profile Picture
  • Job History
  • References

3. Emphasize on Your Education and Certifications

The education section is important in your teaching job. Here you must list degrees earned, with the highest first, class tenth and twelfth.

If you’re a student/ graduate, this section of your resume can be listed above your employment history. If you possess work experience, list it below the work experience section.

It should be listed in reverse chronological order. This means that the most recent and advanced education first. Include the name of the school and college, the date you graduated as well as the degree you earned. You may mention your GPA if it is praiseworthy.


Certifications play a very important role in a teaching job. So, add the certifications you have.

Some Dos and Don’ts For Teaching Resume

  • Do keep sentences short and specific.
  • Do Quantify skills and achievements. Use numbers and figures where possible.
  • Focus on two to three critical skills that the job advertisement emphasizes.
  • Use action words.
  • Do add teacher resume keywords

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