Best 10 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Best 10 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out 1

Employers receive hundreds of applications for each job opening. Usually, an employer spends a maximum of 6 seconds on every application. So, you must know how to make your resume stand out. Here we bring to you the best 10 tips to make your resume stand out with o experience.

So, leave no stone unturned in winning your dream job. Read on and grab the best tips. Follow them and make your resume outshine. It is imperative to make your six-seconds count!

Amazing 10 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Follow the tips below to get your hiring manager’s attention. Hook your readers with an eye-catching resume.

1. Add Resume Keywords

Scan the job advertisement. Check out the requirements section there. Grab the words or phrases that state their requirements.

Now, scan your past experiences for instances that match the requirements. Add the same terms used in the job ad to your resume. These act as resume keywords.

Resume keywords are essential when your resume has to pass an ATS. Moreover, even when a recruiter analyzes your application manually.

Add keywords to your resume summary.
These are first read on your resume. Moreover, they actually hook the reader.

Add resume keywords throughout the document.

2. Tailor Your Resume To The Job

A generalized resume that you use for every job application is never attractive to employers. Therefore, make it a habit that every time you apply for a new job opening, you tailor your resume to that job.

Follow the link below to tailor your resume to a job.

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Basically, you add keywords from the job posting. Include the company and the position title.

So, tune your resume to the company role as well as the company. Prove that you are a perfect fit for them.

3. Choose a Creative Yet Professional Resume Layout

Your resume should be creative and unique. However, ensure that it does not focus more on the visual effects rather than content. Check out some good resume samples from the below-mentioned link.

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Moreover, make sure that you follow the ATS resume formatting.

Adding too many graphics or charts may not be ATS friendly.

4. Scan for Errors

Typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes are a big no. Employers have zero tolerance for any careless errors. Moreover, these give an impression of unprofessionalism.

So, proofread your document over and over. Make sure that it is free from any errors and is well-polished.

Experts suggest that you may ask your friends or family to read your resume and scan for errors. Often the mistakes that we tend to ignore are easily caught by others.

5. Highlight The Experience Section

Basically, there are three types of resumes-

-Reverse chronological

Here is all information about the above three formats >>>>> Best Free Resume pdf Format Download

The position of your experience section and how you can highlight it largely depends on your resume format.

If you possess years of experience, then the reverse chronological format is the best to flaunt it. Moreover, it is recruiters favorite.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to make your resume stand out-

  • Include the company name, designation, tenure.
  • Break down your experience section into bullet points
  • Add resume keywords.
  • State your accomplishments rather than job duties.
  • Begin statements with strong resume action verbs.
  • Quantify your experiences
  • Do not add more than 5 bullet points.
  • Do not include negative comments about your previous employers.
  • Be precise and consistent.
  • Add awards and honors.

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6. Freshers Must Highlight Education Section

Freshers and entry-level candidates with little or no experience must highlight their education section. You can for a functional or combination resume format style.

While writing your education section, follow these tips to make your resume stand out-

  • Include your college name, years, degree, major.
  • Begin with the latest degree and go backward.
  • If you have a masters degree to your credit than do not add high school details.
  • State your GPA only hen it is impressive (above 3.5)
  • You may also add your participations, extracurriculars, associations, leadership, awards, distinctions, etc.

7. Consider Adding Some Other Sections As Well

In addition to the regular sections- Summary, experience, education, skills, you can add some other sections as well. For instance-

-Volunteer experience
-Internship experience
-Awards and Honors
-Leadership experiences

These help to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

8. Be Consistent and Formal In Formatting

Your resume must look professional . Avoid fancy fonts and too many colors. You can use colors in a conservative manner. Just don’t overdo. Ensure that your resume is visually impressive but does not go overboard in terms of formatting.

Furthermore, your industry plays a major role in determining your resume layout. A resume with fancy designs and colors is suitable with an artistic industry but not with a law firm.

So, keep your audience in mind while crafting your resume. Follow these tips to make your resume stand out and you will land more interviews.

9. Keep it to A Single Page

As I told you in the beginning that employers spend just six seconds on an average to review your document. So, it is a waste of your time to add pages to your resume.

Be precise. Try to put all the relevant details on a single page.

A single-page resume is ideal for any industry. However, if you have too many things to your credit and they are really relevant to the position you are applying for, you can opt for a second page. But make sure you put all the necessary and most important parts on the first page.

10. Add A Cover Letter

A cover letter makes your resume stand out. A well-written cover letter excites an employer to read your resume.

Cover letters provide you with some extra space to display your credits. Add things that you could not add to your resume. It gives you a chance to be more personal. So, ensure that you write a perfect one. Visit for best cover letter samples.

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Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your resume stand out and win the job interview!

We wish you all the best!

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