Top 8 Marketing Resume Skills To Include

A marketing professional knows well how important it is to sell rightly. Effective use of your selling skills in your resume enhances your selection chances. There is tremendous value in adding top marketing resume skills if you want to market yourself for a marketing position.

Top 8 Marketing Resume Skills To Include 1

So, here we bring to you top 8 marketing resume skills. Read on and include the most relevant ones in your resume and realize the importance of marketing skills.

Best 8 Marketing Resume Skills

The following skills are a part of the marketing industry. These marketing skills examples when found in an individual enhance his/her success chances.

1. Communication and Networking

An excellent communicator is a basic prerequisite for any marketing job. Recruiters are on the lookout for candidates with seamless communication skills. A shrewd business mind easily manages to maintain associations with suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, and most importantly customers.

Therefore, to deal with all of them you require good communication. Good communication skills not only help you build networks and negotiate better; but also enhance your personality outlook. If you can successfully deliver your capabilities to the hiring manager, you have an edge.

Networking within the company is important for the proper execution of any business project. Rather than simply stating that you possess networking skills, add examples where you have been able to make the most of your communication skills in the successful completion of a project.

2. Leadership Qualities

In order to be a successful marketer, you need well-developed leadership skills. A leader needs to be hardworking, responsible, active, ambitious, honest, direct, committed, productive, and communicable.

So, in your resume, you must include projects where you have exhibited or conveyed these qualities.

A summary of your achievements can have a great impact on the employer.

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3. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking or a candidate’s ability to analyze statements, situations and determining its validity is an important skill for individuals pursuing a career in the marketing sector.

Critical thinking produces creative thinking and also enhances problem-solving skills.

You can either state that it directly on your resume or you can include an instance from your experience where this quality helped you successfully complete a task.

It is always a better option to include instances rather than stating skills.

4. Project Management

Well, project management is a requirement in almost every industry. Employers need managers who are self-motivated. An individual who is ambitious enough to understand projects’ goals and execute them well in sync with business objectives is valued.

Therefore, marketers need to polish their project management skills in order to succeed in the competition. Adding an example that validates your managerial skills helps in making your resume stand out.

5. Social Media Management

In the fast-paced tech-savvy world digital marketing has become a complete domain in itself. It requires candidates with a comprehensive understanding of social media and SEO (search engine optimization).

If not a pro, a little knowledge about these platforms is a must for every marketing branch. Social media is a perfect platform for networking and promoting businesses.

An entry-level marketing resume gets an advantage over experienced professionals due to technical skills such as social media management. So, showcase your social media skills in your resume. You may also add social account links in your resume. This way the employers can check out your details on your profile and get to know more about you.

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6.Analytical Skills

The skills to analyze and understand the vast data is a must and highly appreciated. They not only help the marketer understand consumer behavior and needs but also comprehend their reactions. Therefore, analytical skills help marketers sell and promote their product better.

7. Software Skills

Some most common software skills for a marketing job are-

MS PowerpointWordPress
CSSGoogle Docs
Adobe premiereMailChimp

You need not possess all of these skills. However, if you possess any of these, do not forget to add it to your resume. These software skills enhance your resume power.

8. Teamwork Skills

It is the key requirements for any professional. You must collaborate and work as part of a team.

Teamwork can be in an acute setting, a personal accountant or it could be within the wider system. Either way, your ability to interact and build relationships with colleagues is important. It maintains a harmonious working environment. Therefore, it’s vital to be a team player.

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How to Write Marketing Resume Skills

When you have the right skills, flaunt them.

Treat your resume as a mini-marketing campaign.

So firstly, you must research the company. Check out the website. Pay close attention to the job description.

Now pick out the most of your skills from the job posting itself. Usually, when you pick out the company that you are passionate about, your skills match their preferences.

So, once you have got a list of stellar skills, don’t restrict yourself just to the resume’s skills section. Move beyond it.

Weave them into your experience section. You must show how you leveraged them to achieve each accomplishment.

Also, toss a few best marketing resume skills into the resume summary section.

Instead of just mentioning the skill, opt for statements like-

  • SEO (grew organic traffic by 58% in 6 months).
  • Adept in Socal media advertising
  • Expertise in using HubSpot and Google Analytics.

So, these were the top 8 marketing resume skills. Include the ones that you possess. For more resume writing tips and experts’ advice, stay connected to

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